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'Intruders' 'And Here…You Must Listen' review: What goes around, comes around

Intruders, Season 1, Episode 2, Madison O’Donnell (Millie Brown)
Cate Cameron, © BBC Worldwide Limited, used with permission

The Saturday, Aug. 30 "Intruders," episode 2 "And Here…You Must Listen," sees Madison/Marcus trying to get to Seattle and Shepherd tracking her/him. Meanwhile, Jack is in Seattle trying to get answers about his wife's whereabouts, but just as he thinks he's tracked down where she was, he gets a surprising call.

The second episode of "Intruders" seems to move a bit faster than the first and it's easier to follow, but that may be because these characters have already been introduced. Even though it moves between Madison/Marcus, Madison's parents and Shepherd and Jack, it doesn't seem as convoluted as the premiere, which seemed to move between characters and locations at a quicker pace than it should have. It feels like we get to spend more time with these characters so we can actually start to care about what happens to them in "And Here…You Must Listen," but as of yet, that hasn't changed what we thought after the first episode: that Madison and Shepherd's parts are more interesting than Jack's search for his wife, and Millie Brown is the best part of the series.

Instead, Jack's search seems to be following the very predictable path. He goes to his wife's office to find her, and that only raises his suspicions more, from the strange waiting area to Amy's boss telling him she hasn't been there and isn't in Seattle for them at the time and he can take her phone to the secretary and men watching him leave. After that, he receives the typical warning call: "We know where you are. Go home. Even if you find Amy, she's gone." Then Jack meets the cab driver who found Amy's phone, and George has some new information he didn't tell him before. She was talking about living in Russia, being with the Czar Secret Police and assassinating a labor strike leader in 1883, which all makes some sense to Jack since one morning, he had to wake her after she started speaking in a foreign language and sleepwalking.

That's not all, as George also reveals that a man was with her, and he dropped them off near her office building – and a few blocks from a condo pictured in her phone. Suddenly George is Jack's personal chauffer, along for the ride and staking out the building, until two men chase them into an alley and the only thing that stops one of them from shooting is the other telling him, "she said no." With that, George is out of there and Jack suddenly receives a call from Amy telling him she's home. Oh, and there's the matter of her suspicious boss. As stated earlier, it's all very predictable, and while sometimes that doesn't matter, so far, it does. Hopefully something gives in episode 3 to turn this storyline around.

Meanwhile, Shepherd is at it again, ruining lives and walls with blood. He shows up with his FBI introduction to question Madison's parents about her recent behavior, and while his questions start off normal – When did they last see her? Any friends or relatives in the area? Has her behavior changed? – they quickly take a very specific and strange turn, as her father notes. Has she been speaking in a foreign language she never learned? Did she mention going to Portland and visiting an old woman in Chinatown? Did she use coarse language/threaten anyone/say "what goes around comes around"? It's at that point that Madison's mother realizes that hey, she never asked to see this FBI agent's badge, but he turns it around on the parents by bringing up her affair. Once they're out of the house, he takes some time snooping around Madison's room, finds her notebook and sees that she had written "what goes around comes around." From there, he heads to Chinatown and kills the woman there after she reveals she knows what he did, "no book was made for Marcus Fox" and "they'll kill us for what you've done."

Shepherd is calculating and ruthless, and part of us wouldn't have been surprised if he had just killed Madison's parents right there if he didn't have that piece of ammunition about her affair to get them out of the house in order to get what he wants. That's what makes his character so good and makes James Frain such a treat to watch in this role.

As for Madison/Marcus, she makes her way to Portland and spends some time reading a book with that 9 symbol on the front. "In the beginning, there was Death" is written inside. "Welcome back, you have been missed. But now your river flows again. Although you have traveled from here to there many times, do not be afraid of uncertainty. Headaches, unfamiliar memories, you've had these before and you'll have them again. This book begins at the point you began before, in another life. Only Qui Reverti can understand. There's a lie they tell, a lie that is believed for the sake of control, that life, a single life is to be lived in quiet terror because all they have seen is that death awaits them," she begins reading. "That this book is in your hands proves death is not punishment. There is no such thing."

Madison/Marcus may have a ticket to Seattle, but the ticket agent refuses to let her board the train because she doesn't have an adult with her – and he doesn't realize that this kid warning him "what goes around, comes around" is so much more than a kid. She tries to bribe a man to pretend to be her father – having an envelope full of money (and keys) is useful – but he doesn't bite, and when Shepherd shows up at the train station, it's time for a new plan. Fortunately, a woman driving to Seattle is willing to take money from a kid, and as the episode ends, Madison continues reading from the book: "We do die, but we can return. The few, the very few, those who possess the will, the strength, the purpose, the self-chosen ones, Qui Reverti, this book will guide you through the prison doors back to freedom. Welcome back, Reverti. Welcome back again."

Finally, Shepherd may have killed Oz Turner in the premiere, but there's another podcaster, Tim Truth in California, refusing to be silenced and refusing to forget the loss, even as he fears whoever's responsible for killing Oz. Anyone else not quite sure how to feel about the podcasters yet?

"Intruders" airs Saturdays at 10 p.m. on BBC America. What did you think of episode 2 "And Here…You Must Listen"?

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