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Introductory to Archery, Ladies only!

The Examiner is getting lessons of Archery...
The Examiner is getting lessons of Archery...

With Valentines Day behind us for this year, we are all standing with the answer. Did our hearts desire come forward claiming his undying love for us? Or do we have to take matters in our own hands and be our own Cupid and aim for his heart? Well, here is your chance. Every Tuesday Night there is an Introductory Ladies Archery Class at the Redhead Range inside the Bass Pro Outdoor Shop in Dania Beach. For more information check

Instructor at the range, Gil, says that the class is an hour long, for which you pay $5.

I start with a basic intro, followed by safety rules and instructions on the use of bow and arrow.”  At the end of the class, we should know the difference between a Compound Bow, a Crossbow and a Longbow. Then it is time to put the theory to practice and do some shooting. The range classroom is a high-tech forest with images of animals that will appear suddenly behind plants and trees. It is all designed to give a touch of realism, and even if we don’t want to shoot Bambi, nor the love of our life, it does add some excitement to the shooting.

If this turns out to be something to take further, there are some Archery Clubs and Ranges in Florida. Information about them can be found at the following links;,,