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"Introduction to Native Bees as Pollinators" workshop to be held this July

a bumble bee
a bumble bee

The Friends of the Herbarium, California State University, Chico, is offering an all-day workshop, “Introduction to Native Bees as Pollinators,” on Thursday, July 22, from nine in the morning until five in the evening.

This particular workshop will showcase native bees for professionals involved in land management and conservation, as well as for individuals who enjoy nature and wish to promote the attraction of bees to their own personal gardens.

The workshop will be hosted by Rob Schlising, a retired biologist at CSU, Chico, and Robert Irwin, from the Sacramento River Conservation Area Forum.

The objectives of the workshop are to help identify local families of bees, to promote awareness of diversity in local native bees, and to suggest ways to make personal gardens appropriate for the nesting and foraging of native bees.

Specific knowledge of bees is not needed in order to attend the workshop, although a basic understanding of general insect morphology is preferred. A registration form is also required to participate in this event.

For more info: Contact the Chico State Herbarium office at 530-898-3511 or visit their Web site.