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Introduction to Energy Vibration Level

In a past article you learned happiness is your natural state of being, however, you are hypnotized into the illusion of being addicted to sadness. I also introduced the idea of finding out why your natural state of happiness is not clearly visible to you everyday.

On a spiritual level (perceiving from your higher self) being happy is simply a choice…choose to be happy or sad, period - end of story. However, on a sensory level, which is driven by the mind (ego) it is very complex. The reason for this is due to the complexity of the egos perceived need for judgment and control. The mind has a difficult time with keeping life simple and living in acceptance of what is. This compounded by the lifetime stories and belief illusions, which hold you prisoner to the egos demands, make it difficult to see what is clearly present in each moment. I identify the underlying reasons in detail in The Conscious Clarity Energy Process™ online course. However, in the upcoming newsletters I will summarize, such that, you too may gain a general understanding of what may be holding you back from daily happiness.

The first step in unveiling the illusion of sadness is to gain a better understanding of why you are here:

As previously mentioned, you are a Spiritual Being having a human experience. You are here to assist in raising the mass consciousness of the planet for the evolution of the Universe. This is the basis for all that is, was or ever will be. When you learn to grasp that reality it will be easier for you to move forward in life-situation happiness. Prior to being born into the body we all made an agreement with Source energy. I call this agreement "Original Source Agreement." It's reasonable to believe there is a force in the Universe with an energy field greater than that which is experienced on Earth.

Every thing and non-thing is energy. All energy has various resonating frequencies or their own level of vibration. This is explained in perfect detail in the classic book "Power vs. Force," by David R. Hawkins, MD. If you haven't read this book I recommend that you do. It does an excellent job of explaining, as the subtitle implies, "The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior." Please note, Dr. Hawkins book is primarily based upon human behavior patterns. In summary, highest energy is Source or creator level, while lowest energy is lower self or sub-primal man.

Everyone communicates best through their own subjective method of understanding; this may be visual (seeing), auditory (hearing) or kinesthetic (doing). Therefore, I developed a unique learning analogy called "The Train of Life™," which covers all three forms of communication. Utilizing this concept allows all participants to understand the material provided and to intermix them as needed. Take a few minutes right now to briefly review Illustration - A, Original Source Agreement to gain a visual perspective of the original intention for your life. Please also notice the triad in the illustration, as it sets the tone for what the original intention was for you. Source Energy is at the top, with the energy stepped down to a linear path of human life (as illustrated by train cars) on The Train of Life™ at the bottom of the page.

The original Source energy intention was for us to always be connected by unconditional love through acceptance of what is, based upon the Original Source Agreement. This intention is brought forth clearly through the guidance of higher self or the Conductor on The Train of Life™ analogy. The purpose of the body is simply interacting with other bodies on the Earth plane. The reason we continue to require a body is because the level of consciousness on the planet has not evolved, as yet, to a level of energy vibration to where it is not needed. The original intention for the body was to house the true Spiritual Being - which you are, and to pilot The Train of Life™ through the lower vibration sensory perception of human life form. This intention was to be brought forth clearly at the lower vibration level of the Engineer on the Train of Life™ analogy. However, somewhere along the way the intention became reversed and the Engineer (ego) gained control over this illusion called life-situation.

Even though the Conductor (higher self) is truly in charge at the higher level of consciousness, the Engineer (ego)has placed a smoke screen over the true intention, through the burden of influence from well meaning people, vibrating at a lower energy level. This will be summarized in the next newsletter based upon the various categories of life-situation. Your ability to balance these categories will determine whether happiness is either enhanced or decreased on a sensory level, that is, mind limiting perceived level.

Until next time, simply ponder the energy idea and remain open to awakening to a different method of perception.

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