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Introduction to canoeing: A video and slideshow

It is amazing how much fun you can have in a canoe. It is a “lifelong” sport enjoyed by individuals and families and group large and small.

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People take to canoeing for reasons as varied as people themselves
James Weir@

“People may paddle for a quiet afternoon on a park pond or for day on end down a wilderness. This variety helps make canoeing one of America’s most popular outdoor activities.”

Canoeing is also a great way to improve your health and fitness, by developing arm and chest muscles as well as refreshing the mind in the open air.

According to Better Health, “Canoeing is a low impact activity that improves health and fitness. Canoeing can be a hobby, a competitive sport or as a fun activity on holidays. You can canoe on rivers, lakes and the sea.

Canoes also played a significant role in American history. Native Americans in the northern region of the continent created birchbark canes. They used these canes for hunting, fishing and trade.

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