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Introduction to Astrology workshop on March 20 in Calgary

Peggy Lynch, Calgary Astrologer and Tarot Card Reader
Peggy Lynch, Calgary Astrologer and Tarot Card Reader
Peggy Lynch

Peggy Lynch, Tarot card reader and astrologer is offering a Saturday workshop on the basics of astrology. Peggy says,

This course will introduce you to Astrology. Look beyond the stars and see how your own personal birth chart has meaning in your life. Astrology is an art! It can be used as a reflective tool in creating a purpose-filled life! Planets, signs, houses, elements, modes, come and venture into the language of astrology!

Peggy's background in Astrology
Peggy's vast and experienced background in astrology stems from a lifelong interest in the subject. Among many courses and opportunities to work with several world-renowned astrologers, she has studied with Dr. Beth Hedva and has completed the Astrological program at Wild Rose College. Her workshops are interspersed with humour and joy and can be described as fun, interesting, accurate and entertaining.

Astrology Workshop Details
Peggy's upcoming Introduction to Astrology workshop will run for a half day, from 10 - 2 on Saturday, March 20th. The fee is $40, which includes your own birth chart. You are asked to bring your own lunch, but snacks and beverages will be provided. This workshop takes place in the Northwest of Calgary, with the address of the workshop shared upon registration.

To register, contact Peggy at 403-650-9299 or email her at

The deadline to register for this workshop is March 13th but contact Peggy for late registration information.


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