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Introducing Secular Idaho


After months of brainstorming and meetings, several secular oriented leaders and representatives in the Boise area have launched a new holistic and umbrella organization, Secular Idaho, whose purpose is to promote communication and cooperation between the various local secular groups.

The organization's motto is "Values and Community for Life on Earth," and in addition to a new website to be launched soon, they have just released the inaugural issue of their newsletter, which draws from the following secular communities in Idaho:

  • Humanists of Idaho
  • Idaho Atheists
  • Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship HUUmanists
  • Boise State Secular Student Alliance
  • Boise Atheist, Non-Theist, and Humanist Social Group
  • Boise Secular Humanist Examiner
Initial plans for Secular Idaho include a central website with links to the constituent organizations’ websites, their newsletter, information about all the organizations, calendars, resources, programs, and contact information. The newsletter will be published the first week of the month and will be distributed to the leadership of each group electronically who will then pass it on to their distribution lists.
Read the debut September Secular Idaho newsletter here or at
Be sure to check out Boise's Hyde Park Street Fair, September 18-20, where the Humanists of Idaho and other Secular Idaho groups will have an information booth.