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Introducing New Wave Travel Magazine

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The travel media business is a competitive one, and, to be able to find a niche and carve it out can prove to be challenging; however, World Guide Publishing is doing just that with it's brand new publication "New Wave Travel Magazine". The magazine is targeting those over 35 years of age in the upscale to ultra luxury bracket. According to C.E.O. of World Guide Publishing, T.R. Threston, "New Wave Travel Magazine" has been in the test phase for well over a year, and, is confident the magazine will prove to be a welcome addition to this niche market.

In a statement, Threston said "We're focusing on the traveler who books Business or First Class airline seats, who frequent airport lounges, and, stay at 4 and 5 star hotels. Nor do they blink an eye ordering a $300 bottle of wine with dinner or purchasing a $2500 dress." She went on to say "One of the main differences about New Wave Travel Magazine is that many (but not all) of our writers (and freelancers) live the lifestyle and not just write about it. It gives articles a new, fresh approach without the feeling as though the writer is talking down to you. It's a more "matter of fact" style of journalism which is something fairly new for the upscale and ultra luxury travel media market."

The magazine will be launching in Fall, 2014, and, it will be available quarterly in both digital and print forms. World Guide Publishing will also be launching a Culinary Travel magazine and an upscale/luxury fashion and lifestyle magazine later in 2014.