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Introducing New Foods and Identifying Food Allergies

Summer is a perfect time to introduce children to the tastes of new foods. This will be important because public schools are now required to serve more healthy food choices including fruits and vegetables at every meal. There are a few basic rules for getting little ones to eat including keeping mealtime happy and stress free and making sure that there is no snacking at least two hours before lunch or dinner. There is also the trick of distraction. Try playing word games or number games at dinner that keep your child’s mind off of the fact that they are eating. Charity Curly at the Huffington Post offers some more great ideas at: Be sure to follow her link for carrot cake pancakes-they are awesome.
You may find that some new food that you introduce always upset your child’s stomach or cause a rash. If you notice symptoms in your child from a specific food notify your doctor and follow his or her precautions. If your child is starting school this coming fall be sure to notify the school of any peanut allergies or any other food allergies that your child may have. Teachers need to check all items brought by all children to be sure that they do not contain peanuts or were not processed in a plant that processes peanuts if they have a student with peanut allergies. For a great list of ingredients that may cause allergens in foods check out the AAFA food allergy list at:
By introducing a variety of healthy foods at home you will allow your child to open to more food choices when he or she is buying the school lunch. It will also allow you to find any foods that do not agree with your child and simply learn to avoid serving them so tummy aches from food don’t lead to missed school time.

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