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Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Mark Deskin

Allow me to introduce Mr. and Mrs. Mark Deskin. Their first date: 11/11... 11 years ago. They were married this past week on 11/11/11. Doesn't get more perfect. It was just before sunset over the waters of the bay when they exchanged a tearfully smiling "I do". Their theme was full of rich autumn colors and the view off the docks was amazing! Melissa and Mark and few others did almost everything themselves and it couldn't have been more beautiful. The wedding party and guests were plenty. Even more sent wishes they could've attended this Friday Wedding. Everyone seemed to have a signature dance move and the atmosphere was filled with laughter and joy. Friends might as well consider themselves family by these two wonderful people. Everlasting is this Scottish tale of love as Melissa hired a Bagpipe player, a gift for Mark, and asked him to play Braveheart for her beloved. Mark wasn't crying Freedom when he spun his lovely bride around on the dance floor like his queen. There were tears, laughter, hugs and kisses enough to go around. There will truely never be another day like this. What a fabulous evening!

Mark and Melissa11.11.11
Angela Mancinelli
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Deskin
Angela Mancineli


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