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Introducing magical Macvoil for mature mane control

Just when I thought hair products couldn’t get much better than Cure.Ology or Pureology (unrelated companies) Macvoil comes along. Created for mature manes, the products rock with anti-aging, anti-color fade and complex and Omega-3 properties and ingredients. You won't believe the difference in your hair after one shampoo and conditioning.

Treat your hair right with Macvoil

While it doesn’t mean tossing out other products, Macvoil deserves a prominent place on any woman’s cosmetics counter. We’re talking luscious locks that shimmer and shine thanks for a combination of Moroccan, Macadamia, Argan, avocado and Cypress oils that repair and hydrate hair and follicles.

Never have dull hair again. For après shampoo and condition the company has an Ultra Hold Spray, Molding Crème, Conditioning Hair Masque, Moroccan Re-Conditioner and Moroccan Leave-on Ultra Shine Spray.

The company also makes a Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment that eliminates frizz, moisturizes and detangles while amping up the color and boosting the bounce. Before this treatment options were limited to blowouts, thermal reconditioning and straightening products that contain ingredients that can cause damage to hair and put users’ health at risk.

MACVOIL™ can be reached toll-free 800-622-1330, or by visiting the website at

With all the new shampoos on the market it's conceivable you are going to find one that works better than what you've been using. Well don't toss that old product out, watch the video to find ways you can put those shampoos you no longer want to wash your with to good use.

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