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Introducing: LACAR, a new jewelry line

LACAR jewelry
LACAR jewelry
Courtesy of Shira Laye and Morgan Carrier, LACAR

Artistic girlfriend/boyfriend design team from Vancouver, Shira Laye and Morgan Carrier, recently launched their new accessories line for the upcoming Fall 2014 season, named LACAR. The hand carved techniques and time honored fine jewelry that make traditions are infused with a street style twist on gothic architecture, and this is what the jewelry line LACAR is made of.

Shira Laye and Morgan Carrier are a wander lusting couple whose love of adventure has brought them to Paris, Dakar, and Berlin all in search of love and a fascination of Gothic and Renaissance art history. When they made it back to North America, the couple wanted to combine their expertise in jewelry making, film and design into a label. Their line LACAR blends the old and the new, and reveals a unique perspective on adornments through their own eyes.

Their first collection, Occulus, launched for Fall 2014 is inspired by the shapes and patterns found within the gothic architecture during their travels to Europe. Co-designer Shira Laye says: “Occulus is an expression of the beauty we saw in eroded sanctuary. We wanted our pieces to be monumental, worthy of worship, but we wanted them to be light and unencumbered by the heavy physical matter they are made of. So, we came up with the aesthetic of the arch.” The collection’s hand-carved technique is in perfect contrast with its modern form and line.

The beauty of the collection lies in its aesthetic minimalism of shape juxtaposed with its complex and imperfect arched pattern. The sober gothic style of arches creates a heavy vaulted lacework drawing inspiration from sacred architectures, where each piece becomes an artifact to be worn and worshipped. Although much of the collection has been popular with both men and women, a more intentional unisex element found its way into the collection with such pieces as the plank rings, plank bracelet and the signet rings inlaid with stone. More streamlined, these pieces appear less hand carved in aesthetic but reflected the architectural influence of sacred spaces, borrowing the curves and shapes from gothic buttresses, an element of architecture designed for support and strength. The pieces from this line are destined to remain in a state of transformation or erosion, open to the elements, becoming relics that can stand apart from everyday objects.

Timeless yet current, LACAR’s pieces are carefully hand crafted and utilize locally sourced bronze, sterling silver and 14k gold. The designers also incorporate precious stones, as well as luxe black diamonds, catching the eye of any discerning fashionista.


Design team Shira Laye and Morgan Carrier make up the West coast based accessories label LACAR. After a chance meeting at a Vancouver fashion show in 2002, they immediately bonded over their mutual love of Godard films and treasure hunting for all things antique. A few years later Shira would go on to pursue a career in jewelry in New York, while Morgan focused on film studies in Paris. After two years of traveling and seeing each other between Vancouver, Paris and New York, they returned home to Vancouver. Shira had found her creative outlet in a design studio of her own and invited Morgan to collaborate, initially helping to sand and polish her custom designs. After countless evenings spent listening to their favourite records in the studio and planning their next adventure abroad, LACAR was formally conceived in 2013.

LACAR is available online at and ships throughout North America. The jewelry pieces from this line are priced from $120 to $3,200.

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