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Introducing GreenDrinks Savannah


GreenDrinks Savannah is a social networking group initiated by local non-profits and businesses to engage community members in an informal setting. Savannahians love to socialize and they love to improve Savannah. GreenDrinks aims to provide an opportunity for both! In case you've attended a meeting and are confused by the lack of a program, understand that we want to maximize your opportunity to network and socialize with those folks interested in a greener Savannah.

While GreenDrinks Savannah have exciting and different plans for future gatherings, they will not offer formal presentations like their friends at the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). They hope the ever-evolving website and great social hours will help bring Savannah communities closer together and increase engagement in topics, events and community forums to help make Savannah an even better place to live.

GreenDrinks Savannah Social Networking Websites

GreenDrinks Savannah | Facebook

GreenDrinks Savannah (GreenDrinksSAV) on Twitter

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