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Introducing Dixie Daye: a new artist coming your way

New artist, Dixie Daye, from Jam Brothers Music prepares for her US debut.
Jam Brothers Music

They refer to her as the imaginary love child of Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix. She is the talented, upcoming artist Dixie Daye. She is currently finishing her US debut album with music she has labeled as "b*tch funk".

For those who have not heard of Dixie Daye yet, she is truly passionate about music. She may love it just as much as you do, she states "Music is the preservation of emotion. With every song I record I feel my life is more complete. Music is one of the most powerful forms of artistic/creative expression, it can alter people's hearts and minds. It is truly magical."

Daye finds music humbling and uplifting. Music lovers everywhere can genuinely understand the feeling of music being the only loyal thing by your side, helping you through your struggles. Dixie is someone you can relate to, "Music has saved my life in so many ways, I've had some very tough times in my life and things to wrap my head around, and I really think if I hadn't the passion or desire to perform and make music I probably wouldn't be here. Music is my purpose."

The term "b*tch funk" is new and sounds exciting. Where did the term come from, you ask? "I first said 'b*tch funk' whilst listening back to a song I'd recorded with a friend who I was in a band with, he said 'There's mad power in your vocal, grit, rawness. There's sex in your voice' and I said 'that's b*tch funk'.

Some may find the word "b*tch" degrading, especially to women. However, she reassures us that is not the case, "To me b*tch funk has multiple meanings. The word "b*tch" can be a very empowering word or a hurtful derogatory slur. It depends on who is saying it and how they are saying it. I've always felt confused by what we are expected to be as women. So we are meant to be beautiful but not too sexy? Strong but never aggressive? Independent but not self sufficient? B*tch Funk embodies all those underlying frustrations/confusion whilst rocking all the boldness and beauty of us in a very raw way."

Dixie Daye's music is guaranteed to be empowering, passionate music you can relate to. Fans everywhere are excited for her US debut and she is just as excited. "I'm so excited for the US release I can hardly believe it. I love love love the States. NYC is like my second home. Honestly I'm mostly looking forward to performing live. It is always the most exciting part of my job and what I love the most. I love to entertain and perform."

If you are just excited as the rest of us and want to hear more, you can watch a video snip of an upcoming music video here. Dixie Daye is currently finishing up her debut US album featuring music producers such as Scorp Drezel, Alan Nglish, and Dunlap. She will be releasing the album with Jam Brothers Music, a label that identifies and establishes artists of today.

Everyone stay tuned for this new electrifying, passionate singer coming to the States soon.

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