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Introducing Cordelia Wolfe!

Cordelia Wolfe stars in "Skinnyfat"!
Cordelia Wolfe stars in "Skinnyfat"!
Gerry Morales

Cordelia Wolfe is not your typical aspiring actress. At 60, when most people her age are happily settling into a calmer life with retirement communities on the horizon, Cordelia is just getting started. Show business however, is just the latest incarnation in Cordelia's varied and diverse life. She's been a corporate executive, a college professor, a traveling hippie and yes, a husband and father.

But after knowing Cordelia for five minutes, her status in the LGBT community as transgendered seems almost incidental. 

No matter what label you want to put on her, she is one of the many faces at "Frameline", San Francisco's international gay and lesbian film festival held every June. She stars in "Skinnyfat" a off-beat comedy about two gay men with body image issues and plays Grace Landers, a corporate shark who takes advantage of the two characters' insecurities in a devious plot. 

The movie premieres June 20th at The Roxie and tickets are on sale now. If you want to check out the trailer, it's on Vimeo ( 

A 60 year-old aspiring actress, the transgendered community, a gay and lesbian film festival and a comedy about body image issues. It's just another day in San Francisco.

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