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Introducing Colgate's New Kid's Mouthwash!

Anticavity Fluoride Rinse Fights Cavities for Kids!
Anticavity Fluoride Rinse Fights Cavities for Kids!

When it comes to the health of your kids the earlier your teach them the importance of it, the better. Nothing helps kids want to stay healthy like incorporating a little fun into taking care of themselves! When I was a kid I hated brushing my teeth. But if I had the new Colgate Kids Mouthwashes I'd have sang a different tune.

I sent the mouthwashes to my God Daughter to try and she literally jumped up and down after opening the package. Her mom told me that she has never been so excited about brushing her teeth. Besides featuring kid's favorite colors and characters, these great tasting flavors help make brushing and cleaning teeth fun! With two flavors including Turtle Power Bubble Fruit (which my God Son also loved!) and Bubble Gum Burst your kids will love swishing away particles brushing may have missed.

Colgate is proud to introduce this line of kid's mouthwashes. With the launch of their first kid's mouth wash, Colgate continues to expand their kid's oral care regimen line which already includes kids friendly toothbrushes and toothpastes.

Keep your kid's mouthes healthy and happy with the help from Colgate's new kids mouthwash. Each anti cavity fluoride rinse helps strengthen enamel and keep your kids smile as bright and they are.