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Introducing Chicago pet market newcomer iLeesh

Locally owned and operated iLeesh makes and sells what animal lovers desire.
Locally owned and operated iLeesh makes and sells what animal lovers desire.

iLeesh is new to the pet market. They organization is family-owned. They offer a wide array of customizable pet products, gifts and accessories and they are local to Chicagoans…being that they are based in Northbrook, Illinois!

iLeesh Products LLC specializes in the design and manufacturing of breed-specific pet products and gift accessories for 70 different breeds of canines and felines. Some of the products include retractable leashes, throw pillows, customizable tote bags, coffee mugs, keychains, iPhone cases, car air fresheners, reflective car decals, mouse pads, and t-shirts. They have a little something for practically every animal lover to be able to display their pride in their animal’s breed!

The company is a member of the ASPCA Guardians Program. They donate up to 10% of their sales each month to ensure animals in need get the help that they rightfully deserve. Now, pet parents can let everyone know their fur-vorite breed and help less fortunate animals in the process.

iLeesh made their company debut earlier this month at the Global Pet Expo during which they were able to promote two key products:

- Retractable Leashes: Made from durable plastic, the line of iLeesh Retractable Leashes allow pet parents to keep their pet secure while simultaneously declaring their love for their dog’s breed. Unlike most retractable leashes that utilize thin cords, the iLeesh retractable leash uses a high-intensity soft nylon belt to protect pets and their parents from painful rope burns or cuts. The retractable leashes are available in more than 70 breeds and three different color combinations – including black, turquoise and pink – and two different sizes. The Medium iLeesh Retractable Leash measures 16’ long and is accommodates dogs up to 44 lbs. The Large option measures 9’ long and accommodates dogs up to 100 lbs.

- Throw Pillows: Available in a wide range of both cat and dog breeds, the iLeesh Throw Pillow brightens up any pet lover’s home. Made from 100 percent polyester, the decorative pillows are 15” squared and come with a removable and washable cover. The front of the pillow features a picture of your favorite breed with the message “I Love My (BREED),” while the back of the pillow is made of a soft polyester fleece.

Oleg Lee, president of iLeesh, enjoys helping pet parents spread the love. “iLeesh prides itself on providing a unique line of high-quality, customizable products that allow pet parents to show their love for their pet whether at home or on-the-go,” Lee said. But their love of pets doesn’t stop there, the company’s dedication to product quality and customer service is matched in its philanthropic efforts. Don’t’ forget that as a member of the ASPCA Guardians Program, iLeesh donates up to 10 percent of its sales each month to help animals in need.

The best thing for Chicagoans to be proud of is that iLeesh is bringing jobs into the economy, making great products for people that love to show off their pet and they are locally owned and operated! If you would like more information about iLeesh, please visit or connect with them on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

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