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Introducing Bearded Rose Vegan Personal Care

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Bearded Rose Vegan Personal Care Products are made by hand from quality ingredients. Owner/manufacturer Alyssa Daniel does not use palm oil and believes in keeping natural products affordable. Bearded Rose is based in Columbia, South Carolina.

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Every once in a while I'll step outside of Charleston to share news on interesting people, places, and products. Today we're going up I-26 to Columbia, SC to meet Alyssa Daniel and learn about her line of vegan personal care products. Bearded Rose Vegan Personal Care Products are made by hand from quality ingredients. Owner/manufacturer Alyssa Daniel does not use palm oil and believes in keeping natural products affordable and accessible for all. Her product line currently includes mustache wax in tins and tubes, beard soap, beard oil, shaving cream, lip balm, and shampoo.

Examiner: What inspired you to open Bearded Rose?
Alyssa: There are a lot of great natural products on the market, but their prices were so high that I had to pick and choose what was more important to use. Shampoo... or toothpaste... what fit into my budget. The more I looked around, the less affordable natural products seemed so I decided to make my own.

I also have sensitive skin as do my children and I wanted less irritants as well. Bearded Rose came about as my solution to the problem. I started it at the urgings of family and friends who I had given products too as gifts for Christmas.

E: Why beards?
A: The first product that I made was beard oil. My best friend/boyfriend has a gorgeous beard, but was saying that the ski. Beneath was becoming dry. I started looking for oil online and discovered that the price point for beard oil was around $24.00 an ounce, about the same sort the mustache wax. I thought to myself, I can do better than that, and created my own line for men. Beards are popular right now and I know more men with them than without!

E: Why vegan?
A: I am a vegetarian, but I notice a lack of vegan products out there. I knew if I was having trouble finding natural
products, then so were they. We are getting nationally vegan certified right now!! I want my products to be not only
affordable, but available to ALL people.

E: Will Bearded Rose come back to Charleston anytime soon?
A: I hope to be able to bring our products to some of the local markets and stores soon.
Note: You may have seen Alyssa at the Ice House Beard and Moustache Competition in Summerville on May 9th and The Fifth Annual Southeastern Beard and Moustache Championships at the Music Farm on May 24.

E: Do you plan to add other products to your line?
A: We have so many products we want to get out there, including our line of pet products and cleaning supplies!

Personally, I'm looking forward to the line of pet products! It was a joy speaking with Alyssa and learning more about Bearded Rose.

Bearded Rose Vegan Personal Care Products can be found at NEST in Columbia and in the Bearded Rose online shop. Keep up to date with Bearded Rose product news and travel schedule on Facebook. You can meet Alyssa at the Midlands Whisker Society meeting on June 13.



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