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Introducing Austin music's newest band: Suite 709


Austin's newest band: Suite 709

Austin Music Examiner brought mention of a new Austin band, Suite 709 making their debut in AME's SXSW recap. AME got in touch with frontman Jirod Greene to bring you a closer look into Suite 709: where they came from and their plans for the band.

Austin Music Examiner: If you could summarize Suite 709, what would that look like?

Jirod Greene:  Myself, David Butler, Ross Falcon, Dietrich Schmidt, and Zach Boston came together to create a sound, that in many ways is a nod to several genres of musical influence, but definitely a fresh sound intended to make music lovers dance. Suite 709 is a tasty concoction of R&B, jazz, a bit of Rock, and a touch of Soul. With the band's official debut at this years SXSW Music Festival, the men of Suite 709 have set their sights on being one of Austin's premier bands. With catchy, yet original tunes, Suite 709 puts on an explosive and very memorable live performance.

Austin Music Examiner:  How did the band get started?

Jirod: The band was an evolution from one musical project to the next. A few fellow friends and musicians wanted to create a sound that was reminiscent of Motown yet and fresh and relevant to today's popular music scene.
Austin Music Examiner: How did the band get its current lineup?
 Jirod:  Myself, David Butler, Ross Falcon, and Dietrich Schmidt were all a part of one of Austin's top ten bands of 2009, The Ars Supernova. Drummer Zach Boston, who previously played in another band, Plane of Existence with Schmidt joined shortly thereafter. The five of them came together to create the Suite 709 sound.
Austin Music Examiner: What is the story behind the name "Suite 709"?
 Jirod: Suite 709 is a place we all go to share our ideas, write our music, and have a good time.
Austin Music Examiner: Suite 709 officially debuted at this year’s SXSW, how was that experience being able to debut on such a massive level?
 Jirod: It was a great experience debuting at SXSW. Suite 709 worked so hard at writing and preparing week after week until we had a solid set that we were all proud to showcase. Our friends' support was incredible, and having new ears hear our music and for complete strangers to hear us and stay tuned in to us for our entire set was amazing. The hard work and preparation definitely paid off during SXSW for Suite 709.
Austin Music Examiner: What does the band have in store for this year?
 Jirod:  Like Jay-Z said on "The Blueprint: 3" 'it's all about progression.' We'll just keep moving forward. Making music that our supporters will enjoy, and dance to as well. We're actually in the studio recording our EP. We look forward to playing numerous shows throughout Austin, and we're looking forward to mapping out a national tour sometime this year.
Austin Music Examiner: How can fans keep up to date on Suite 709 news? 
Jirod: Fans can keep up with Suite 709 by visiting our official website and follow us on twitter: @Suite709.
With everything Suite 709 has to offer in a single package, they make themselves a band to watch and follow. Expect to see major things come from this band in the coming years.
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