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Introducing Aline Queen

Aline Queen
Aline Queen
Courtesy of Fly Life Inc

Aline Queen, a New York based Pop Artist, is fearless in letting people know who she is and not afraid to be different and bold. Her mission is to give a voice to the outsiders in the world and tell them it’s ok to be themselves and shine; whether through sexual expression and exploration, fashion, or artistic achievement. In her new single, Princess Boy (available now), Aline sings about her love and support of someone close to her who is experimenting with their own fashion and gender.

Aline was born In Belgium . From an early age, Aline developed a fascination with exploring gender identity, transformation, and even dressed up some boys in her neighborhood in girls clothes. “It was like a clothing store party and we would all swap clothing, which would piss off our parents and teachers. We were really quite precocious children and for some of us it was became more than just a playtime dress up moment." Her childhood fascination showed up later in her performance art and music, which broadened her exploration of themes of sexual orientation and gender identity. She is viewed by her peers as an ally to the LGBT community and is committed to increasing the visibility and rights to people within the LGBT community and society at large. Click to view Princess Boy

Aline Queen - Princess Boy (Official Music Video) -

Provocative at times, childlike at others, Aline has obtained a unique dual persona and undeniable charisma. During live shows at nightclubs such as Greenhouse (NYC), Aline mesmerizes her audience with her sound, unique appearance, and confidence. Princess Boy is available now on iTunes.