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Introducing a new hydrangea variety to show off in your garden

The new Hydrangea "L.A. Dreamin'"
The new Hydrangea "L.A. Dreamin'"
Photo by Jane Gates

Hydrangeas are one of the most popular flowering plants in gardens across the United States. The flowers usually work a bit like litmus paper in reverse. Acid soils make the big balls of flowers turn an enchanting shade of sky blue. Soils with lime produce entirely different effect with charming pink flowers. Either color can be tinged with purple in neutral soils. If you want the color that is not appropriate to your garden environment, you can invest a lot of time and energy into continually amending your soil. Or you can encourage blue with the application of aluminum sulfate or use a specially treated fertilizer. If this sounds familiar or if you love all the colors and can’t figure out how to grow them all where you live, there is a new hydrangea that will make you happy.

This is a new variety of Hydrangea macrophylla called “L.A. Dreamin’” and it has something for everyone: blues, purples and pinks all on the same plant. Happy in zones from USDA 5 to 10, this plant will form a multi-colored five food tall shrub studded with multicolored, spherical bouquets of cheerful flowers – regardless of your soil!

This is an exciting new introduction that you will be seeing in box stores and garden centers next season. It was one of the main attractions shown this year at the 2014 Spring Trials in Ventura, CA. These Spring Trials are the display sites where growers come to find the latest-and-greatest plants developed by breeders. These new growth habits and improved varieties are then developed and produced in numbers to be released as soon as possible to the public. So the good news is – if you like hydrangeas – the best is yet to come! Keep an eye out for this new variety. The Hydrangea ‘L.A. Dreamin’” will be coming to a retail center near you, soon!