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Introducing a fail-safe plan for surviving the apocalypse in Madison


 An ominous picture of what 2012 may look like. Credit: ErickZombie, DeviantArt

The year is 2010, the date March 29th. Spring break is in motion – students, faculty, and families galore are out-of-town, out-of-state, Some would call them lucky; others, not so much. The reason for this is simple: the year is no longer 2010 but 2012.

The so-called spring break vacations are being turned into living nightmares for all those involved, especially for our government who is trying dastardly to cover everything up.

Unfortunately, the government cannot act quickly enough and the stories get leaked, “Hundreds of thousands massacred by raging cannibals,” among others. Here in Madison, however, we are safe, as far as our mayor is concerned, anyway.

He can say this because he is prepared. He knows the truth about what is happening, and he has been training for this exact moment for a very long time; he has a plan.

A zombie survival plan.

In my very first article, I wrote, if you don’t have a plan, “get one. It’ll help.” Despite the overall humorous nature of this and all the other articles, I was being serious.

Having a plan of action is not only important but necessary – especially living in a city such as Madison, with a population well over 200,000 people and counting.

Since migrating up here last June, I have found quite the number of enthusiasts with similar thought patterns as myself. In contrast to this, I have also found just as many, if not more, who are completely opposed to and dismiss all notions and or claims of an undead uprising. To these people, I am sorry. To those with a willingness to learn and an open mind, but who do not quite know where to start, I have good news.

In the following couple months, I will be posting five related articles for those who still need or want help in making critical survival decisions when preparing for the upcoming z-day.

The articles will include places to go for target practice and melee training, as well as how to build your own “Bug Out” kit, courtesy of the Zed Squad. It will also include articles on places around town to go to for proper fitness training and the type of foods to pack or keep on hand at all times.

Each article will be solely dedicated to a single topic, and I hope, for those of you in Madison at least, you find it beneficial and helpful.

Until then, remember to keep steady and aim high.


For more info: Check out websites dedicated to the 2012 ideology, which can be found by doing a Google search on the topic, "2012 doomsday". Also, feel free to visit the Madison city website for further information the city and great places to go when visiting. 


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