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Intro to Brattleboro, VT: a gem of a museum, Brattleboro Museum & Art Center

Intro to Brattleboro, VT: a gem of a museum, Brattleboro Museum & Art Center
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

If you take the Vermonter Amtrak train from the South -- or even Philly or NYC -- as soon as you step off the train to Brattleboro, VT, you're in the environs of a little cultural gem with big impact: Brattleboro Museum & Art Center.

Housed in what used to be the main section of the Amtrak passenger waiting section years ago, the museum has no permanent exhibits. Their curating eye for what they choose to display for a temporary time is quite interesting. Even if you're not the type to spend several hours at a museum -- and I get that, sometimes I'm "museumed out" when traveling -- this is a way to see special modern art that's often fun and thought provoking.

One cool exhibit on display currently is the result of the second VT Kids Design Glass competition. Kids K-6 submitted a drawing of an imaginary creature. 12 winners had their drawings rendered in 3-D colored glass by local artists and the results are charming! Also charming are the children's descriptions of their imaginary creatures. The glass artists created two copies, one for the kid artist to keep. The others go on sale!

Another project the museum has going is the B.E.A.N. Micro Grant Dinners. This is the thrust of it: for only $12 anyone can attend a Mexican dinner catered and served by the Elliot Street Cafe, with live music by local musicians. Over dinner, guests will review and discuss funding requests for local art-related projects. At the end of the night, guests will vote for one or more proposals that deserve to receive 90% of the proceeds from the event. The remainder will be given to another applicant selected at random.

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