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Intriguing new interactive game open in Adventureland

For a small fee guests can participate in an interactive scavenger hunt of sorts and bring home a souvenir Juju.
For a small fee guests can participate in an interactive scavenger hunt of sorts and bring home a souvenir Juju.
Scott J Dennis

Even the process of paying for Adventureland's newest experience can be exciting. That's the word from guests who've just participated in the Adventureland Trading Company interactive game, picking up cleverly prepared instructions to seek out and earn a collectable Juju token. Similar in concept to Frontierland's recently debuted "Legends" experience, the Trading Company program invites guests to solve a series of puzzles in and around the tropical land during their Juju-seeking quest.

The games differ, though, in a couple of basic ways. Where Legends of Frontierland is a rather expansive free-to-play experience that could conceivably be played day after day, the new Adventureland game is a more focused experience involving puzzles, souvenir pieces and an up-front fee of $5 or $7.50 if food or drinks are involved. Composed of individual adventures for each Juju, the Trading Company game gives guest explorers the chance to chase down any of nine sets of challenges. The three adventures involving food items include specialty treats like "Venom-ade" at the Bengal BBQ or “This Side Up” Pineapple Parfaits from Tropical Imports.

Fans have praised the excellent integration in particular, noting the seamless use of existing area locations and lore in contrast to its Frontier cousin's more intrusive show elements. The Indiana Jones Outpost hosts the quest headquarters, with a well-themed bulletin board advertising clues for the various game puzzles. Instructions come in a number of creative forms befitting the land, with players gathering information from the likes of treasure maps, newspaper articles and Jungle Cruise training manuals. Upon purchasing an activity sheet from the Outpost players participate in challenges like telling a joke at the end of the Jungle Cruise or translating ancient messages around the Indiana Jones area.

By all accounts both cast members and guests have been getting into their respective roles, making the new experience an intriguing addition to the park's growing roster of interactive offerings.