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Into The Pixel art gallery at PAX East highlights 2013's best art in gaming

Far away from the loud and busy expo showroom was one of PAX East's best kept secrets: The Into The Pixel art gallery. This "exhibition of the art of video games" highlighted some of the best art in the gaming industry of the previous year. Every year the organization accepts submissions to be judged by a panel of experts made up of both the traditional fine art world and interactive entertainment industry. 2013 marked Into The Pixel's tenth year, and there there were 16 winning pieces. Check them all out in the attached slideshow.

  	Title: 	The Naval Duel  	Artist Name: 	Martin Deschambault  	Game: 	Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag  	Software: 	Adobe Photoshop
2013 Into the Pixel collection
Into the Pixel logo
Into The Pixel

"The ITP collection is a reflection of the artistry, creativity and vision of this unique industry," says Michael D. Gallagher, the president and CEO of the Entertainment Software Association.

According to Martin Rae, president, Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences:

Our industry continues to expand with the emergence of compelling content from independent, mobile and free-to-play developers, and the 2013 collection really reflects the incredibly diverse landscape of the interactive community as a whole. These pieces run the stylistic gamut, showcasing the varied inspirations of their truly talented creators.

It's one thing to see the art on a screen, and another to witness the beauty of the pieces in person. A few of this author's favorites include:

  • "The Navel Duel" from "Assaassin's Creed IV Black Flag" by Martin Deschambault. You can really feel the tension in this scene. One of our favorite places to go is the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and this stunning painting looks like it deserves a place on the wall there.
  • "Remembering" from "The Last of Us" by John Sweeney. There's a lot going on in this emotional picture, and the viewer can't help but think of their own childhood and the possessions we associate with it.
  • "The Chant" from "Dragon Age" by Nick Thornborrow and Matt Rhodes. Seeing this bright and gorgeous panorama makes you feel small in comparison to the art piece. The times may be dark, but the sun is shining through the stained glass windows representing hope of things to come - along with some of the game's incredible mythos and lore.
  • "Dark Ages" from "FETCH" by Brian Thompson. Art knows no bounds, be it made from watercolor, oil paint, or Photoshop. Many gamers think of software titles from PC and consoles, however there's a plethora of amazing creative work on other platforms too, such as this fantastic fantasy art from an iPad game.

The Into The Pixel is a moving collection that is displayed at GDC, PAX East, South by Southwest, SIGGRAPH Asia, the Toronto International Film Festival, the D.I.C.E. Summit, and more. To check out previous both this year's and previous year's collections you can visit

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