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Into the Mind of an Author: Nicky Jayne, Isabella Rae & Tracy Lee

Authors Nicky Jayne, Isabella Rae, Tracy Lee
Authors Nicky Jayne, Isabella Rae, Tracy Lee
Nicky Jayne, Isabella Rae, Tracy Lee, Casey Harvell

Tell us a little bit about yourselves, anything you’d like your readers to know:
Isabella Rae:
I am 29 years old, and single mom to 2 beautiful girls. I grew up in Peachtree City, GA, as suburb of Atlanta, known to most as “the golf cart” city. Outside of writing, I am a baker. That is why every book in my Atlanta Affair Series includes recipes at the end.
Nicky Jayne: I am 31 years old, a proud mother to 2 amazing little boys. I am originally from the United Kingdom, but moved to Las Vegas with my husband, whom serves in the US Air Force. We have been married 11 years this month. I am a true mother of boys, I love all things out doorsy and can pitch a mean tent in the blink of an eye.
Tracy Lee: I am a mother to 6 children; 4 biological and 2 step children. We are the modern day Brady Bunch. I’m originally from Brandon, Florida but moved to Tulsa when I met my husband. I am terrible at procrastinating when it comes to household chores. I love to travel, but rarely have time to as much as I’d like and I collect shot glasses.

What made each of you decide to become an author?
Isabella Rae:
When I was little my mom would read books to me at bedtime. When I was around 11, she started reading me Stephen King, leaving out the cussing and adult content of course. I fell in love with reading. In high school I began writing, but never thought I would go anywhere with it, until last year. A woman I went to school with self-published her first novel, and she showed me that I could publish my own as well. She helped me get through publishing my first book, A Workplace Affair, and I never looked back.
Nicky Jayne: I never planned initially on becoming an author, I have always loved writing, but once a story started to form in my head and made its way to paper. I decided it was time to brave this big bad world of self-publishing and give it a go. I am an avid reader, always have been for as far back as I can remember. Words excite me and to see my work in print or on the screen of an E reader is beyond exciting.
Tracy Lee: I have always been writing something. Song lyrics and poems came first when I was a teenager. My sister was always the open writer. Having written several different manuscripts, family was all she would share with. I would tell her, I have the ideas…you are the one who can put them to paper. She would never do anything with them. I kept thinking of the saying “if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.” So, I began slowly, blogging at first. Small stories, then decided if I was going to do this I needed to just jump in the deep end of the pool and see where it brought me.

Who are your favorite authors, and how have they influenced your writing?
Isabella Rae
: I love anything by Nora Roberts and her alter ego J.D. Robb. Also Janet Evanovich, Iris Johansen, Johanna Lindsey, and Jude Deveroux. All of these ladies have such an amazing talent. Janet Evanovich has influenced my desire for comedy in my books, while Iris Johansen sparked my love of suspense. Of course Johanna Lindsey and Jude Deveroux have influenced my love of romance novels.
Nicky Jayne: I have a few, but my most recent favorite authors would have to be E L James, B J Harvey Kelly Elliot and A L Jackson. They have influenced more than my writing, watching them grow from the sidelines was a great inspiration and motivation for me to take the step. I loved their books, they bring out the best in people. They are simply amazing authors and I wish them the best of luck for the upcoming year.
Tracy Lee: There are so many to name right off hand: Sarah McCarthy, Olivia Cunning… Tara Sivec has taught me NEVER!!! Eat while you read her books, you will choke from laughing! (I learned that the hard way.) I am practically obsessed with Kristen Ashley!! I have read every book she has written, at least twice. She has influenced my writing by concentrating on the “matured” aged characters. Her heroes and heroines are (not usually) young teenagers. They’re more in the range between 30 and 40. There aren’t very many authors out there that venture into that range and I think it’s awesome!! That’s what my main goal in writing is, to create more books for the (I hate to use the word old) but the older reader. Lora Leigh is another favorite author of mine just because she writes about hot military specialist men and her sex scenes make you check to see if you have become spontaneously pregnant! Shew-wee!

Where can we find the three of you online?
Isabella Rae
Twitter: @Isabella_Rae84

Nicky Jayne

Tracy Lee

Tell us about your books:
Isabella Rae:
I currently have 2 books published, and working on the third. All 3 are part of my Atlanta Affair Series. A Workplace Affair follows Victoria and Leland as they navigate love and conflict. We also meet their friends who are the focus of the following books. A Sweet Affair is all about Sage and Connor, who are the best friends of Victoria and Leland. Sage and Connor share a spark, as well as some serious trust issues. They have to move past those issues and overcome a serious obstacle from Sage’s past to get to their happily ever after.
A Workplace Affair on Amazon:
A Sweet Affair on Amazon:

Nicky Jayne: I have three books out at this point in time. The Embrace series, consisting of Embracing Life and Embracing Love, with the third instalment “Everlasting” due out late 2014
I just released my third novel “Footprints”
This book is a heartfelt story about a young girls effected by the life of the military and all the hardship that comes with it. Losing her father at a young age to war, she refuses to follow the same path as her mother and wants nothing to do with a life, let alone a love within the ranks. Regardless of how much she tries, she cannot help who she falls in love with.
Footprints was my NaNoWrimo novel of 2013. I had no intention of publishing it, as it was too close to my heart, living as a military wife I have seen the hardships and the pain that comes from losing one in the military. But as the book progressed and the comments and reviews came in about it, I pressed that faithful Publish book, and to this day it has been my biggest seller with the best reviews. I have been told that it is a tear jerker book an “Ugly Cry” book, well of course every word, every line, every chapter came from my heart.

Tracy Lee: I have just finished book 2 of the 4 book series of The Personal Series
Personal Experiences is a harsh reality that sometimes love isn’t as easy as we think it is and what one woman is willing to go through to protect the love of her life.
Personal Possessions is Trevor’s side of the story that Personal Experiences is based on.

Everyone has their idiosyncrasies, what are the three of yours?
Isabella Rae:
Hmmmm I guess one of mine would have to be bouncing my leg, foot, toes etc. When I am sitting still I am constantly moving some part of my body, and I don’t even realize it. Another would be my ability to completely zone out and almost go deaf when I am reading or writing. It’s a necessity for me, as otherwise I am easily distracted. I guess another would be weird food habits. Like oranges, when I eat oranges I have to completely peel the pulp from the membrane and skin before I can eat it. If I tried to just peel it and eat a slice, I would never be able to swallow it. It’s weird, I know.
Nicky Jayne: Well, I can’t do leftovers, the thought of food sitting more than 20 minutes after it has been cooked, makes me sick to my stomach. The need to have at least one meal from back home a month has got to be my biggest food issue. I have been in the states 8 years now, to me the food still tastes different, so supplying myself with a little piece of home is a necessity. Thanks to my husband I can no longer sleep in the dark, I have to have some sort of light source in my room. Music.. I have to have my music, and it has to be the right kind of music at the right time of the day, when reading it has to be soft and calming, when writing it has to be frantic. I can’t work without an upbeat tone drumming through my ears, it keeps my mind focused.
Tracy Lee: I am ADHD and run around like a chicken with its head cut off but unbelievably, there is a method to my madness. I am OCD and have to have everything in a certain order and have to do things in a particular way. I am very impatient.

Majority rules or individual responses: What’s your favorite book turned movie and why?
Isabella Rae
: My favorite books that have been turned into movies would be the Hunger Games trilogy, although I think the movies don’t come close to the epicness of the books. If I had to choose based on the movie, I’d have to say almost anything by Stephen King.

Nicky Jayne: I am going to agree with Isabella on this one, I love the Hunger Games trilogy, but the movies really don’t come up to par. The Twilight series, had me on the edge of my seat and I enjoyed both the books and the movies, especially the unwritten scenes at the end.
Tracy Lee: Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series, and believe it or not, I haven’t read one of the books!
I LOVE spy movies! I am a “Bond whore” (James Bond, that is)

What are each of your favorite genres and how do they differ?
Isabella Rae
: My favorite genres would have to be Suspense/thriller, True Crime, Romance, and Romantic Comedy. I guess the biggest difference would be between the suspense/thriller genre against romance and romantic comedy genres. While the romance categories are focused on the relationship and the love, the suspense/thriller genre focuses on building up the story, and any relationship is background addition. True crime is a genre that while there is some suspense included, it’s so much more. True crime is about the facts of the case/cases and the person who committed the crime. I have had a fascination with true crime ever since Jon Benet was murdered.
Nicky Jayne: I am a big softy, I love all the flowers romance and of course that hint of wrong doing. So I would say that my favorite genre is Romance, whether it be contemporary or YA (young adult). I have never been a fan or deep mystery books, I can’t do all that 2+4= 12 kind of thing, and there are just too many things that knock my concentration in them.
Tracy Lee: Ha, well, my favorite genre is erotica or the new title now is Adult Contemporary, I think. I’m not sure how the other ladies are but when I read, I don’t want to hear something like “he touched her budding flower…” Get down and filthy. I want to hear dirty!!

Which do you three do more, read or write, and why?
Isabella Rae:
Definitely write. I don’t read nearly as much as I used to before I started writing seriously. I don’t want to read a book and subconsciously use any part of that storyline in my books. Plus I don’t have as much time to read as I’d like.
Nicky Jayne: If you had asked me this question a year ago I would have said reading, my kindle was my friend and it followed me everywhere. But during the last year, writing has become on top of the list. I can’t seem to focus on a book without at least one of my characters screaming in my ears. I have read many of my fellow author’s books for them as a Beta reader but that is a far as I have gone. I miss reading, but sitting down and playing my own story in my head is something that I cannot get over and I am loving every minute of it.
Tracy Lee: Read!!
I don’t want to forget why I love what I do. Being the writer, I get to see the choppy version of the book until I’m finished.

What are your individual writing processes like and how do you feel they complement each other’s?
Isabella Rae:
I like to have music to write, and someone to bounce ideas off of. When I feel uncertain about a scene or just want some feedback on the wording, I go to the other ladies and ask them to read it. Having them to give me reactions like “OMG I LOVE IT!!!!!” or “I can see it in my head” just helps me to move past that scene and to trust my ability.
Nicky Jayne: I can’t write in silence, I have to have music. One of the many things that keep me going when writing a new story is knowing that the girls are always there, we have all sent random quotes chapters through to each other, it seems like a weekly occurrence. Isabella, Tracy and I all released our first books within weeks of each other, we met through random groups on Facebook and we have grown a bond that means more than words can describe. They are there no matter what, if I have just dumped a full book on purpose, they are there. “You quit I quit” is our motto and we stand by it, if one goes we all go. We are in this together through thick and thin.
I am beyond pleased to have my girls with me, a new chapter has opened for us this year. We all recently signed with Bar Publishing. These two girls are my sisters my partners in crime and I love them both dearly.
Tracy Lee: Our friendship clicked right from the beginning. I think because Nicky and I are so outgoing our personality’s just mesh. We (the 3 of us) are each other's sounding boards. We share personal and professional information and we vent to each other which just strengthens our friendship. We encourage and support each other honestly, good or bad, positive or negative, which to me is the only way to have a secure and lifelong friendship.

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