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Into the Mind of an Author: Julie Mishler

Words From The Heart by Julie Mishler--Available Now!
photo courtesy of Julie Mishler

Tell us a little bit about yourself, anything you’d like your readers to know:
I am a thirty something mother of one amazing daughter. I live in Pennsylvania and have my whole life. I attended St. Francis and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Family is extremely important to me. I enjoy reading various genres, writing, art and music. I love to laugh.

What made you do decide to become an author?
Writing was a dream I didn’t even know I had. I started reading heavily at the beginning of 2013 and met some amazing authors through Facebook. I always wrote little things, but never thought to take it any further until a few authors were like, “Hey, that fits the story I am writing. I would love to include that in my story line”. I wrote for some wonderful authors and they encouraged me to take the next step and publish my own book of poetry.

Who are your favorite authors, and how have they influenced your writing?
This is a hard one. I have so many authors I truly love and will buy anything they release. Shayne McClendon and Kelly Elliott sucked me into reading. They are such brilliant writers. They are also the first two authors I met online. Seeing them make their dreams a reality really influenced me. Clara Fox, Layla Stevens, Wendi Hulsey and Angel Steel, all talented writers and friends, encouraged me daily to publish my own book.

Where can we find you online?
I have an author’s page:

And my website:

Tell us about your book!
Words From the Heart is a collection of poems covering every emotion; happy, sad, love, heartbreak, loss, moving on and learning to live again. I write from the heart and soul. It may not be something that necessarily happened to me, but something that happened to someone close to me and it struck a chord with my heart. Writing is a way to free yourself from that which you hold inside. It is your voice when you can no longer speak.
You can buy Words From The Heart everywhere! Find it on Amazon here:

Everyone has their idiosyncrasies, what’s yours?
I am OCD. Ha ha so this could be so many things. The misuse of words, slang and misspelling are major ones with me. I have food ones, but we won’t go there or you will definitely see how weird I truly am.

What’s your favorite book turned movie and why?
I will most likely get, “Are you serious?” for this answer, but The Twilight Saga. I am a huge Twilight fan.

What’s your favorite genre to read?
I am and will always be a romantic. I love the romance/erotica genres the most, but have started reading some more of the paranormal.

Which do you do more, read or write, and why?
Initially it was reading since I don’t seem to ever sleep. Now it is a combination. I write when something strikes me. Even if it is only a sentence, I write it down because I know I can take it and run with the thought later.

What is your writing process like, and what’s your favorite part of it?
I think I actually answered that in the above question. I write when it strikes me. When a thought rambles through my mind and I feel there is something others might need to or want to hear. We all have something to say, but we all don’t know how to sometimes. I don’t have a style, nothing I do is conventional. I just write and hope that my words will help or inspire another.

Julie Mishler resides in Pennsylvania with her family. When she is not spending time with family, she enjoys writing, reading various genres, art and listening to music. Words From The Heart is her first compilation of poetry and her poetry has been featured in books by other authors.
More about Words From The Heart:
Each of us has a story to tell. Words free us from all we hold inside, whether they are happy memories or sad. This collection of poems are words from the heart. Whose heart you ask? Well, that I will never tell. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them.

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