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Into the Mind of an Author: JK Accinni

Alien Species Intervention: Books 1-3 (Species Intervention #6609)
photo courtesy of JK Accinni

Tell us a little bit about yourself, anything you’d like your readers to know:
I am an animal nut. I put creatures before people. There is so much for people. Animals have ONLY their lives and we systematically steal that from them for money and too often, sadistic pleasure.

What made you do decide to become an author?
I looove books. I would rather die than be without them. And of course, I had a story to tell and the opportunity to do it.

Who are your favorite authors, and how have they influenced your writing?
Richard Adams, Michael Creighton, Lincoln and Childs, Greg Iles, ANYONE that tells stories of growing up in Africa.

Where can we find you online?
FREE Anthology books 1-3 Alien Species Intervention:

Tell us about your series!
Two hundred years of tender love between man and alien, political downfalls, wanton violence of unspeakable order tempered with laughter, family loyalty and hope is the thrilling vehicle by which Ms. Accinni conveys her cautionary tale of the merciless disrespect man gives his planet and the vulnerable creatures entrusted to him.
This charming, yet brutal saga will chill and surprise you as it foretells the selfishly destructive path man has followed since his species evolved. It pulls no punches while allowing Netty and Baby's influence to transcend mortal life as the world dances toward depraved indifference, introducing other characters along the ride that readers will laugh and shed tears with, and learn to despise.

Everyone has their idiosyncrasies, what’s yours?
I chew my lips...that’s an easy one. The others are too embarrassing to tell. You know that kind!

What’s your favorite book turned movie and why?
Jurassic Park 1-3. Who doesn’t love dinosaurs and guys getting their heads bit off??

What’s your favorite genre to read?
I read everything. My favorite books usually contain a creature of some note. Remember William Sawtell?? Love it, hated the ending but it has lingered in my mind to devil me for the last eight years.

Which do you do more, read or write, and why?
I write more because my time to read is sadly limited. I just picked up a book at the airport and read it. “Above”. It was great, I highly recommend it!!

What is your writing process like, and what’s your favorite part of it?
I love everything about spinning a story and immersing myself in my characters’ lives. I write one draft and never change it except for simple edits. I proof as I go because misspelling bug me and I can do anything else if they are taunting me from my pages.

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