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Into the Mind of an Author: Delia Steele

Delia Steele and her book Trailer Park Princess
Delia Steele and her book Trailer Park Princess
Delia Steel

Tell us a little bit about yourself, anything you’d like your readers to know:
I am Mexican American. I am proud of myself, which is uncommon in females now days. And I am content with the life I live, which is uncommon in humans period. I don’t wish my life away, like most people. I embrace today.

What made you do decide to become an author?
Nothing really, I just like to write. I have done it since I was a young child and figure what the he**. WHY NOT?… I have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Who are your favorite authors, and how have they influenced your writing?
All are Indie’s except one and this is in no certain order.
Stephen King, Devon Hartford, Kendall Grey, Jennifer Foor, Molly McAdams, & J. Sterling

Where can we find you online?
I also have an instagram and snapchat (I LOVE) I am @tacosparkle on both of those.

Tell us about your book:
Well right now, I have Trailer Park Princess (The Switching Tracks Series) published with the second book High Class Harlot in production. I also have my first baby BROKEN in revision, it is getting 30k extra words added and turned into a novel/series. (The Love Hard Series)
Trailer Park Princess is the story of a young girl, Rory, who struggles with a neglectful mother and a baby brother. The book starts out in her last year of high school and follows her life for seven years. She goes through a first love and high-school drama. She encounters evil parents and judgmental people, along with some personal issues. She finds herself feeling alone, scared, and weighed down by the world. Her job is to survive, to hang on, to dig herself up from the ashes, and spread her wings. She is meant to fly, yet she seems to always have a broken wing. It’s a hard story but every princess deserves to tell how she can to be. And for me Rory is the kind of princess every little girl should grow up and want to be. She does what is right and does it with a power from within most of the time.
You can read the full synopsis on any of the above sites mentioned.

Everyone has their idiosyncrasies, what’s yours?
I have a few ‘quirks’ I have A.D.D. and a very obsessive disorder. I don’t have to touch door jams 3 times to enter, or anything like that. However, I collect things and at any point it could change. If I get on a kick to collect it, I need it all right then and surround myself with it. I currently obsess over Hello Kitty. I own a furry backpack in which I carry around at almost 31 years old =/

What’s your favorite book turned movie and why?
The Notebook, because it is the only movie in the world that even comes close to being as EPIC as the book!

What’s your favorite genre to read?
I love paranormal and erotica but I have to say I adore Young adult. There is something about the sweet and Innocent. I like a lot of the ‘New Adult’ and tend to write it but YA is my first love. I grew up on R.L. Stine so let’s just make up a new genre Young Paranormal Adult!!

Which do you do more, read or write, and why?
I read more of what I write. LOL! I have to go back a hundred times and read what I did yesterday or it would be a bunch of hogwash! I love to read, but once I decided to write, it’s all I have time for now.

What is your writing process like, and what’s your favorite part of it?
My process is a disaster. There are sticky notes everywhere, highlighter on my arms, and notebooks strew all around. I type text to people at random just to save my thoughts, I have an inkpad app which I text myself to remember, and I break hundreds of pencils when brain storming. My favorite part about writing is…. The voices, I am never alone. As long as I have a story to tell, the characters literally talk to me non-stop. They never go away, until I type ‘The End’. Then I cry because in my mind, they are gone. Done. When I reread the manuscript, it isn’t the same. It’s just so hard to see them and not hear them.

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