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Into the Light of a New Day

First rays of the new rising Sun
First rays of the new rising Sun
photography by Jimmy Page

With the holiday craze finally coming to an end,  we begin the work and play of fulfilling our intentions of the new year.   As the days roll into the new year we find it to be a good time to give our selves a motivational kick in the rear.  What is it that will propel us to manifesting our dreams and aspirations in this new an amazing year of 2010?

This year is sure to be filled with many extreme waves of intense experiences.  We will be tested in ways that will stretch our limits and cross once comfortable boundaries.  It will be a year of expansion on many fronts.  For those of us willing to work hard to broaden our horizons, this year will bring amazing revelations and many opportunities to fulfill our life's deepest desires for the betterment of our selves and of all of life.

Outside our window the snow is swirling around as though the Great Creator has vigorously shaken our collective snow globe.  In the wake of this phenomenon a giant serpent has been awakened and rises with such force that all things surrounding it are stirred into an instant chaotic movement.  This is a perfect description of our current world at large.  This is all perfect.  The only time to truly make big changes is in the wake of a chaotic and crumbling system.  And here we are.  Now we have the chance to create a new vision that will encourage us all to embrace who we are and what it is we are here on Earth to do.

Look within and discover what your personal truth is.  What do you love?  What inspires you?  What drives your passion?  These are only a few of the questions  we need to be asking ourselves in this whirlwind of change.  This year and the years to come present us with a window of opportunity to change the world.  Each one of us has the potential to unearth the tools we need to build a new and joyful vision.  With passion and determination we will create a world that brings an internal and external peace.

Push past limitations this new year.  Forget what you can't do and realize that you are capable of anything you imagination can fathom.  Layout the foundation to your dreams.  Create the steps that will take you to the point where all things manifest.  All things are within our reach.  When we learn to remember that we have the faith to move mountains, no obstacles will stand in our way.  You are responsible for all that you stand for.  Everything in your life( past, present, and future) is a result of the way you live your life.  We all attract to us exactly what we need to grow and push past restricting boundaries.  Now is your time to change what is no longer working for you. 

The night is always darkest before first light.  Now is our time to shine as beacons of golden light.  Within each of us lie the way to the light of a new day.  Open your heart and find what you have to offer the world.  If you already know the many gifts that are within you, then continue to shine them intensely into the World.  We are all the light of the new day.  How will you shine your light?


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