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Into the Broad Gates of LAUSDeasy rode the Reformers.

Into the Broad Gates of LAUSDeasy rode the Reformers.
To their critics they are deformers.

Incorporating public education was their goal,
Buying the board election plays a role.

Their investments in charter schools will make them money,
While public education goes to dismal from sunny.

Teachers were heroes for centuries before,
Now they are scapegoated and easily shown the door.

The politicians, billionaires, and publishers know best,
They think that students should take test after test.

Yet, none of their family has ever had public school for even a day,
And the worst part is teachers never having a say.

Teachers know best about education and schools,
But the public, reformers, and bureaucrats treat them like fools.

Will this end with all schools being for profit in this nation?
While students and teachers suffer through this situation.

Veteran teachers are leaving the district as soon as they can go,
They are replaced by new teachers who have little to know.

Public education stopped being fun more than 10 years ago,
I left as I was one of the first to know.

The full, rounded education of your day has gone away,
Without it and your teachers, where would you be today?

It is not to late to restore public education so that students are able to prepare for life and further education,
Remember, they are the ones who will lead our nation.

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