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Intl OpEd Review You Cannot Escape the Oscars World Review

Showing, once again, the impact of American culture around the world, here is a sampling of commentary about the Oscars from far-flung newspapers. Australia, disparate countries in Africa, India, and Thailand are represented here. The reach of American culture is indeed wide when a silly, show biz kids event can garner attention near and far.

Australia: Sydney Morning Herald - Who knew Cate Blanchett was Australian?

Africa: AllAfrica - Check out hilarious tweet from Kenya runner Ben Kibe in the Kenyan The Star.

Thailand: BangkokPost – This prediction piece by Kong Rithdee pre-dates the actual event but is very funny. And he pretty much gets it right from 8,000 miles away.

India: Deccan Chronicle – Ballywood takes note….do we watch their Oscar awards?

The International Opinion Review is updated throughout the week. The views expressed in the commentaries are those solely of the commentators who may represent any political point of view. The commentaries are not endorsed by the Examiner or who are acting solely as a commentary aggregator for the public interest.

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