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Intl OpEd Rev Gaza Views

A tunnel uncovered near the Israeli Border
A tunnel uncovered near the Israeli Border
Photo by Ilia Yefimovich/Getty Images

World Views On Gaza Conflict

In the Turkish Hurriyet Daily News, Gwynne Dyer notes the unrealistic demands of both sides. While the Hamas rockets have been ineffectual, the Palestinians still insist on demanding an end to the Isrseli blockade, the opening of air and seaports and the release of prisoners. The Israelis, meanwhile, demand the complete disarming of all Palestinian organizations. None of these demands are serious, says Dyer. He calls the options available to both sides “as stately and predictable as a minuet.” In his review of the recent ceasefire agreements in the Israeli, Ron Ben-Yishai takes the long view of the "hudna" or armistice and says, "The campaign is not over, it has just moved to the political, diplomatic and international judiciary arenas." In fact, the judiciary arena may have new perils.

Possible War Crimes Charges

The current conflict has again raised the issue of whether a war crimes investigation should be launched against either side. Dr Cesar Chelala, a winner of an Overseas Press Club of America award, writing in the Egyptian on-line Daily News, says the International Criminal Court has been dragging its feet and making excuses in taking up a request for an investigation by the Palestinians filed 2009, and that the present conflict will renew a call to action. Indeed, a new UN commission examining possible war crimes in Gaza is already being attacked for perceived bias among its members. The Canadian Globe and Mail writes of charges that commission member William Schabas is biased against Israel. François Crépeau in Toronto’s, The Star, defends Schabas and the inquiry.