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Intimacy or isolation?

Bonding in love through intimacy

Intimacy isn't a romantic notion nor an act of sexual union, rather a deep emotion need. The lack thereof leads to emotionally troubled individuals, loneliness and depression.

Those possessing a low self image have a tendency to seek out non-committed relationship. People who focus on self preservation and selfishness do not possess the ability to bond on a deep emotional level. What they so desperately desire ( someone to love them) is being sabotaged by their own selfishness and poor self esteem.

Being loved or left lonely and isolated is a life long quest. Does everyone who is in a relationship experience intimacy? The answer is emphatically "no". Equally true -not all people are even familiar with what intimacy is; men typically think it's sexual. It's not, although that is part of it at times.

It is a necessity of life to bond in a committed relationship, which inevitably will lead to success strong relationships. Without this bonding isolation and loneliness becomes a reality. Intimacy is a vital part of psychological development.

Those who are unable to bond through intimacy will suffer some forms of depression. Hospitals have strong statistics that if infants are regularly feed and change but not held or nurtured they eventually died due to the lack of physical bonding. Shocking but very true.

If you are an introverts or one who struggles with social skills or low self esteem. It is vital for for own emotional well being to take classes that assist in increasing self esteem, or get involved in social groups who serve the community to encourage yourself to be round giving and caring people.

Don't settle for mediocre or less than a great life; whatever that means for you. Bonding creates intimacy; intimacy creates deep needed love.

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