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Interviews with JoJo and Nick Lachey at VH1's Save The Music Family Day

JoJo performs at VH1's Save The Music Family Day

On Saturday, March 22, 2014, VH1 hosted its Save The Music Family Day at the Anderson school in New York, which featured familiar faces like Nick Lachey, host of VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live and Multi-Platinum selling artist, JoJo. It was a cheerful and enjoyable event. The function presented friends and family with fun, recreation and entertainment occasions like games, food, music workshops and live performances. JoJo delivered a stellar performance of some of her smash tunes including “Baby It’s You”, “Too Little Too Late”, “Leave (Get Out)” and a brilliant acoustic cover of Pharell’s “Happy”. No doubt it was a very high spirited and colorful atmosphere. Save The Music is all about restoring music education in American public schools by providing new musical instruments to public, elementary and middle schools.

Read our exclusive interviews below:

Q: Could you tell us about the event today and why so many people have gathered here?

Nick Lachey: This is the third annual save the music family day. It’s basically promoting the program of saving music, which I’ve been a big supporter of for years and years. But today, specifically is about exposing music and giving children and families a chance to come and see what save the music does and also getting a chance to be exposed to music themselves. For me, my career is definitely a bit of music. I wouldn’t have gone down this road if I hadn’t gotten an opportunity to be exposed to music education at a young age. So, I am a big believer in trying to continue to give kids the opportunities to have that exposure today and in going forward to the future. A lot of these programs are being cut across the country and it’s important that we continue to give kids exposure in the outlet that music brings.

JoJo: We are here at VH1 save the music event at the Anderson school. We are here celebrating getting more music programs in America.

Q: Why do you say music is good for the kids and what impact does music have on the children of nowadays?

Nick: First of all, it’s a great creative outlet. Writing, singing and performing is a great means of expression. For most of us who were lucky enough to have a career in music, it becomes a passion. Music is not necessarily for everybody but at least kids deserve the opportunity to have that in their lives. It’s a shame that most kids do not have an opportunity to be exposed to it and find out for themselves whether or not it’s something they love to do. Music is a part of our lives everyday. Whether we are listening to the radio or it’s the score of a movie. All that starts with music education.

Q: How are you feeling about hosting the event today?

Nick: I’ve been affiliated with the group on a celebrity council for years. So it was my honor to be here today. It’s a great event. Families and kids are having a good time. I’m glad that people came out and supported and continue to support the program.

Q: JoJo, you will be performing later today. I have listening to your mix tape. Impressive work. Will you be performing any new material?

JoJo: No new material. I need to release a single and work on my album. I just recently signed to Atlantic in what feels like 5 minutes ago. So, I am doing some old stuff, a couple of covers and a song from the EP I released on February 14.

Igee Okafor contributed reporting.

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