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Interviews with homeopaths

White pills of lactose - contamination and all
White pills of lactose - contamination and all

The Milwaukee, WI area has no shortage of homeopathic practitioners. They are typically not available for phone call based questions and require an appointment to discuss anything to do with their practice. These appointments can be costly and they do not take defense against criticism of their career very wisely when placed in such a situation. These homeopaths, like all who sell their remedies, are only after money. No questions can be answered and no recommendations can be given unless a check is written.

After one of two phone calls on January 28, 2014, one of the homeopaths questioned was unable to respond logically to any of the questions given and hung up. No more phone calls were answered by him for the remainder of the day(at least not by the three phone numbers used).

After more than ten total interviews in the past four months, none of the homeopathic practitioners spoken with were able to logically defend their arguments. Each argument brought in highly doctored theories regarding quantum mechanics. When questioned further about the theory of quantum mechanics, they could not answer. They did not understand quantum mechanics, yet defended the practice which they did not understand with a theory they did not understand. All of them. All ten practitioners did not understand even the basic elements of a theory that has nothing to do with their practice even remotely, but this theory is used by nearly every homeopathic believer.

Is homeopathy legitimate? In short, not really. For more, read on: