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Interviews: a how-to guide

How to begin or end the interview

Begin the interview by demonstrate that you know your audience and the industry with the concise question "Tell me more about the opportunity and exactly what you're looking for in terms of skills and experience." At the end of the interview, try to incorporate the company's mission statement or current projects into your questions.

How to promote your transferable skills

No matter the industry, every company is looking for technical, critical thinking, communication, teamwork, multitasking, creativity, leadership, and interpersonal skills. When you talk about your projects, activities, and courses, illustrate your personal narrative with how you relied on these transferable skills to be successful.

How to be likable

Predict questions and prepare responses that demonstrate self-knowledge. Do research on the company and review the position description. Be concise and draw upon your experience and skills to show how you fit into the open position. Maintain conversation fluency by maintaining eye contact, nodding, smiling while asking questions, listening to responses, summarizing the conversation, and responding after reflecting on the question asked.

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