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Interviewing your daughter's date


Dennis Raney's 2007 book Interviewing Your Daughter's Date encouraged dads to take a little time to get to know any young man intent on taking his little girl out for an evening.

With prom soon upon us, now is a good time for moms and dads to be thinking about what kind expectations they will have for their sons and daughters preparing for the big night.

1. Appropriate dress - Before your daughter gets her heart set on the crop top, belly-baring, thigh-brushing sequined gown, sit down and discuss what is appropriate dress for prom night. If you can, go shopping with her. If not, give her guidelines and price lines.

2. Before prom - Your son or daughter will know who they will be attending with several weeks before the dance. Taking some time to get to know your child's date will put a face to your instructions and give them weight. Some questions to ask: Get to know you questions: What subjects do you like? Do you play sports? What are your plans for after high school? Specific Prom questions: Where are you going for dinner? Any plans for afterwards?

3. Post prom - If your child plans to go out with friends after the dance, ask where they will be and make sure they know what time curfew is.

4. Unexpected complications - Evenings like this can be the highlight of a high school career, or the lowest point. Make sure your child knows that you are available to help should the driver they were planning on riding home with start drinking or be found making out with a friend in the coat closet.

The local prom schedule begins in little over a month:

 LaFollette - May 15, Alliant Energy Center, 8pm

East High School - May 15, Inn on the Park, 8pm

Memorial High School - May 1, Alliant Energy Center, 8:30pm


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