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Interview with young actresses on acting and recent film shoot (Photos)

On Feb. 13, 2014, was honored to interview three actresses who shared about their love for acting and their recent film shoot experiences. The talented young ladies, who reside in Fort Myers, Fla., were Cassidy Reyes, 16, Shivani Patel, 16, and Pooja Patel (mother Vaishali), 10.

Patels as Singh sisters on set
Patels as Singh sisters on set
Patels as Singh sisters on set, Photo: Courtesy
Cassidy Reyes on film set
Cassidy Reyes on "Casting" film set, Photo: Courtesy

Working in the entertainment industry, or wanting to, is not new to Reyes or the Patels. However this was the first experience for all three to work together as actors on a film set. The short film was shot over the weekend of Feb. 8-9.

The film "Casting," produced by the United Film & Television Artists (UFTA), had been in the planning stages for years, back when these three young ladies were toddlers!

In early 2013, however, the film became more realistic when UFTA President Al Quinn, the writer, the director of photography and other crew came on board. By spring 2013 the cast was chosen, and these young actresses were part of it.

Due to many re-writes with the film's script, the cast had to be patient. Nowadays film festivals (FMff) require a different amount of time allotted for films, so the writer, knowing the film would be submitted to such fests, was waiting to find out what time frame she had to work with.

After a time frame was established, and other details were ironed out, rehearsals began. By early 2014 the film was ready to shoot, and these actresses were ready as well!

Cassidy Reyes (Cassie Reynolds in film), had this to say about acting and the film.

"I first realized I wanted to be part of the entertainment industry when I was very young. By the time I was 13 I realized that acting was what I was born to do. I am a member of the United Film & Television Artists (UFTA), and it is through UFTA that I learned about this film. I'm so glad that I did. Oh, my dad's in this film too!"

When asked the same thing about acting and UFTA, the Patel cousins (Singh sisters in film) replied.

"I decided to be a member of UFTA to meet others in the entertainment business. Then this film happened, and I wanted to be part of it too. I'm so glad I was in the film!" - Shivani Patel

"My older cousin, Shivani, told me about UFTA and the movie. I even cast for it over Skype. My parents liked the idea of my having a movie role, and I did too. My part is Rani Singh. It's been fun acting on a film set. I can hardly wait to see it on the big screen!" - Pooja Patel

Thanks Cassidy, Shivani and Pooja for sharing with us. You must be looking forward to the film's premiere and future acting gigs.

Fans can learn more about these talented actresses at various links above. The film's main shoot location was Protocol Models on the Gulf. Also enjoy video on "Nicole Kidman at SAG Awards."

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