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Interview with YA Paranormal Author Genevieve Crownson

The Soul of the Sun
Genevieve Crownson

My guest today is YA paranormal author, Genevieve Crownson. Her latest book is The Soul of the Sun, which is pretty darn terrific. Love YA paranormals!

Genevieve graduated from the College of Charleston with a Bachelors of Science degree. A love of writing led her to pen her debut novel, The Soul of the Sun. This is book one in her highly anticipated trilogy, The Argos Dynasty. She currently lives in beautiful Charleston, SC with her family and beloved four-legged friends.

Thank you for this interview, Genevieve. Can you tell us a little about yourself and how long you’ve been writing?

I was born in Maryland, but the majority of my childhood was spent in the state of Vermont. My Dad is a London native and my Mom is from New Zealand. They met in a London night club and moved to the States when my Dad was offered work here. My background has really influenced me and given me a unique perspective on the world. I have one sister, which was nice growing up since we moved so much. I always had a friend no matter where we went. The writing bug hit me when I was in first grade, when we were asked to create stories in class. The teacher would publish them for us by putting on title covers and binding them. I was intoxicated with the entire process and from there I was like a kid in a candy store, writing down stories at every opportunity. By the time I was in college I was penning novels and discovered how much I loved it. I wrote several books perfecting my craft and then finally released The Soul of the Sun. I have been getting amazing feedback from it and I am so pleased everyone is enjoying it so much.

Can you tell us briefly what your book is about?

Since the days of Ancient Greece the Argos Dynasty has kept a secret. A great healer and time traveler will be born of their blood. Their only clue to the healer’s identity is an ancient amulet as old as time itself. In a cat and mouse game fraught with peril, evil stalks them, watching and waiting to see who has the ultimate power. For only she who is called The Soul of the Sun can save the earth. If The Watcher discovers her identity first the planet could be destroyed.

Why did you choose your particular genre?

I didn’t set out to write for a particular genre. You have to write the stories that are dearest to your own heart and not worry about what genre you should be writing in. My stories are all dream based. I have detailed plot rich dreams that just come to me as I sleep and I write them down as soon as I wake no matter what the hour. So for me it’s not about picking one genre over another, rather, the stories choose me.

What was your greatest challenge writing this book?

With this particular book, The Soul of the Sun, it was keeping the timeline of events correct. This book involved a lot of time travel and I really had to stay focused to make sure that the times were right and it lined up in a proper sequence of events. I have certainly learned to outline now, as a result of this challenge!

Are you published by a traditional house, small press or are you self-published?

I had a desire for my story to be out into the world as soon as possible so I self-published. I wanted to build a fan base and writers platform right away. As a favorite author of mine, Dr. Dyer, says, “Don’t die with your music still in you.” This is my music.

Was it the right choice for you?

Definitely. There was no wait time. No regrets. I published my book and that was the dream. It doesn’t matter what path you follow. As long as you put in the work, you’ll achieve your goals.

How are you promoting your book thus far?

This is my first book and I have been experimenting with a few different options. One thing I have done is do a free e-book giveaway on Amazon. This put me on the map in terms of people knowing I was out there. I was able to reach number one in the paranormal category and number three in the young adult category in the top free 100 on amazon. It helped me put the word out about the book. I have also made bookmarks that contain my book information and website address, and I leave them everywhere I go! I am doing a virtual book tour now, so we will see how that turns out.

How is that going for you?

I think things have been going well. The number of e-book downloads I received just on the free days put me on the map. And this virtual book tour has me excited too. I can’t wait to see what happens with it.

Can you tell us one thing you have done that actually resulted in one or more sales?

I think thus far I have obtained some great results with my bookmarks. I also tell everyone I know about the book and enlist everyone I can to be involved in spreading the word. This has produced good sales. People can’t buy if they don’t know your book exists. So be fearless, get out there and spread the word about your novels!

Do you have another job besides writing?

I do. I work in a lab all week and then do my writing on the weekends, evening whenever I get the opportunity!

If you could give one book promotion tip to new authors, what would that be?

Don’t be afraid to promote your book. Let people know you’re an author. Share your work with them. You never know, the next person you talk to may change everything. Also believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams. Believe in this amazing work of art that you have written. If your book is good, success will follow.

What’s next for you?

Right now I am working on book two and book three of the Argos Dynasty, the follow up to The Soul of the Sun. I am so excited about it. I think you guys will enjoy where the story goes next.

Can you tell us where we can find you on the web?

You can find me at It’s a great place to go to find out more about my books. I have a fun blog on my website as well.

You can also find me on social media:


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