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Interview with UFC vet Marvin Eastman on student David Jordan's CES MMA fight

Boostayre Nefarios, Jimmy Binns Jr, Marvin Eastman, and David Jordan
Jimmy Binns Jr.

Marvin “The Beastman” Eastman is a name that many MMA fans know well. Eastman has fought in over 30 Professional MMA bouts including some big names like Bellator MMA fighter Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, former UFC Middleweight Champion Rich Franklin, Vitor Belfort, and current UFC Light Heavyweight number one contender Glover Teixeira. Since retiring from MMA, Eastman has been running his own gym called Beastman MMA out of Las Vegas, Nevada. He has a number of prospects fighting out of his gym including Binns Management clients Boostayre Nefarios and David Jordan. I had the chance to speak with the former UFC veteran Eastman on a few things including Jordan's upcoming fight at CES MMA 23:

Kyle Holdsworth: What’s it like working with Jimmy Binns Jr. and Binns Management?

Marvin Eastman: So far everything’s been really good. He’s been really stand up and honest. It’s good to work with people that don’t talk to you to your face and then have their fingers crossed behind their back. It’s good to work with real people and people who take care of business. The unfortunate thing about this business it’s getting so mainstream, and a lot of unsavory individuals that are just looking to make a dollar are popping out of the woodwork. We didn’t have that in MMA in the beginning. Now that it’s big, all the wolves are coming out trying to make money. I’m not going to cut anybody’s throat to make money though.

KH: Which of your fighters is represented by Binns Management, and how do you feel being with Binns Management is going to benefit their careers?

ME: Right now my son Marvin Eastman Jr. [Boostayre Nefarios] and David Jordan are signed. One other guy that’s pounding his way through the Amateurs at 185. He’s going to go pro soon, he was with me like my son was and left for a year an then came back. We have to clean up some stuff and add some things to his game, but when he turns Pro he will probably hook up with Jimmy too. I have a female fighter who does Muay Thai that has the look for a good female fighter. If you can fight, and if you’re also a beautiful woman you can sell yourself real good. Jimmy has been a real stand up guy, I have zero problem with the way he does his thing. Our business relationship is excellent.

KH: What’s it like seeing the sport of MMA, a sport you’ve spent a lot of time on the highest level in, grow to the popularity it has in recent years?

ME: It’s great, because if you look at some of the guys finishing their career or have finished their career, we started when it wasn’t mainstream. Ten years ago when it finally got recognized as a sport, there weren’t a lot of people making money. The guys that stuck with it didn’t make a lot of money. Even me with a 14 year career in MMA, I have four World Championship belts, but had to keep a full time job. I’m a 19 year officer and have my Bachelors Degree. I lost some fights, but I won more than I lost, and to keep a full-time job is very difficult. Now individuals are making enough money to where they don’t have to do that anymore. I’m happy for the people now making a lot of money. Back when I fought my first fight with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson we didn’t make a whole lot of money. I’m glad it’s at the level it is now, but it wasn’t always like that.

KH: One of your fighters David Jordan is fighting at CES MMA: XXIII on April 25th in Rhode Island. Tell me a little about Jordan as a fighter, and how do you see his fight playing out?

ME: I don’t anticipate him having a problem at all. The only thing I think will be difficult is a lot of times these guys, they weigh “X” amount and then come in a little heavier. His opponent was a little over weight weighing in, and Jordan is a 155 fighter. I think that was a little unprofessional. In the bigger organizations that is just unacceptable. Our objectives for this fight is to come in, fight, get a victory, and go home. Ultimately I want my fighter to be comfortable with the whole weight thing and he was, but there are pros and cons to to taking fights like that. I’m not being cocky or anything, just being confident, but I anticipate either a knockout or a clear unanimous decision no “if” ’s, “and” ’s, or “but” ’s. We’ve revamped so much for Jordan this camp. People can misconstrue Jordan based on his Pro record, but we like that. His Amateur record he had like 15-16 fights and he had like no losses. We are from Vegas, out here in the fight capitol so he had some tough opponents. I know this isn’t the amateurs, but I believe he’ll be ready.

David Jordan takes on Eric Spicely at CES MMA: XXIII on April 25th at the Twin Rivers Casino in Lincoln, Rhode Island. For more information on CES MMA check out the Official CES MMA website.

For more information on Binns Management go to

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