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Interview with Founder, President, CEO - Gary Zukowski


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Twitter has become a very powerful tool in the job search of the 21st Century. Some of you may not remember or were too young to remember the days of good old applying for jobs via snail mail and fax. While technology has definitely removed some of the personal touch and human nature of getting a job, it's definitely made finding job opportunities much easier. During my recent time of unemployment, I can proudly say I was utilizing all avenues of searching for jobs. Networking,, job boards, and social media. Welcome If you've never heard of or used the service, I strongly urge you to check it out. They've been featured on CNN, ABC, in The Wall Street Journal, just to name a few. I'd compare it to a firehose that sprays out jobs, yet in a controlled manner right at the flame (you). Monster, Careerbuilder, and HotJobs, watch out, there's a new competitor in town. I recently had the opportunity to do a quick Q&A with Gary Zukowski, Founder, President and CEO of TweetMyJOBS and wanted to share some of his feedback with you.

Q: In a nutshell, what is TweetMyJOBS and how can job seekers benefit from the service?

A: TweetMyJOBS is the largest Twitter-based job board in the world. It tweets jobs for close to 7,000 companies over a specific Job Channel Network on Twitter which is segmented by location and functional job type. Jobseekers only get the jobs that they are interested in. We typically are tweeting 30,000 to 50,000 job per day. Jobseekers can also upload their profile and resume and we will tweet their resume. The fact that tweets are instantly delivered to a jobseekers’ Twitter feed and mobile device (cell phone, smartphone, etc.) as soon as a job is opened gives the jobseeker the advantage of “first to know”, and sometimes is the difference of getting an interview or not.

Q: How was TweetMyJOBS founded and what was the underlying vision in creating it?

A: Gary Zukowski founded the company in March of 2009 after researching social media for business use, identifying Twitter as a possible vehicle for job postings, and realizing that in order to effectively distribute job openings on Twitter, there needed to be an intelligent layer on top of Twitter to “eliminate the noise” for jobseekers. Coming from 21 years of technology, including owning and operating an IT consulting firm, it was a logical fit for his skills.

Q: Do you have to have a Twitter account to utilize the TweetMyJOBS service? What if someone is not Twitter/Social media savvy?

A: Job posters do not need a Twitter account, since the jobs are posted on our Job Channel accounts. However, if a company wants their logo attached to the job tweet, a branded Twitter account needs to be created. Jobseekers need to create a Twitter account in order to subscribe to Job Channels, but after that, they do not need to have to know anything else about how to use Twitter. We take care of that for them.

Q: What differentiates TweetMyJOBS from other Twitter recruitment services (ie. TwitJobSearch)?

A: TJS is mostly a Twitter job aggregator, just as SimplyHired and Indeed are. They get the “firehose” feed of tweets from Twitter, identify which ones are jobs, and have a website to search those tweets. TMJ is a Twitter Recruiting Solution on Twitter. We work with corporations directly, and build a solution to get ALL of their jobs distributed effectively on Twitter. In addition to Tweeting, we handle the retweeting (refreshing) of the job, and we even remove the tweet when the job gets filled. We also can manage their branded Twitter page for job branding. Companies like working with us because we’re “one stop shopping”, and we can get a company integrated into Twitter with very little effort on their part.

Q: Do job seekers have to pay to use your service?

A: Not at all.

Q: Are there any plans to expand TweetMyJOBS across other social media platforms?

A: Yes, we are actively exploring other platforms to expand into. Although Twitter is by far the best social media platform for our model, we would like to increase the value of our service by becoming more encompassing.

Q: Speaking specifically to the Chicago metro area, what companies use TweetMyJOBS to recruit candidates? Have any recent Chicago companies recently signed on to help with their recruiting needs?

A: We are posting jobs in the Chicago area for over 300 companies, including Aerotek, FedEx, AOL, Levi Strauss, Hewitt Associates, Kelly Services, Union Pacific Railroad, Motorola, Allstate Insurance, McDonald’s, & RadioShack.

Q: Are there any tips/advice for those seeking jobs in a specific geographic area (ie. Chicago)? How does one aggregate jobs by geography so only relevant jobs are sent to them?

A: That’s the beauty of our service. Once a job seeker signs up, all they have to do is select the desired Job Channels they want to get in their feed. Each Job Channel is specific to a given geographical location and functional job type, so if you are looking for a sales job in Chicago, you subscribe to the Chicago Sales Job Channels, and that’s all you’ll get.

Q: Do you have any success stories of people being hired due directly to them finding a job via TweetMyJobs?

A: We do. Getting feedback from jobseekers is sometimes difficult for a job board, but we’ve had jobseekers reach out and tell us their story because it is such a new approach to job searching. We’ve also formed a focus group for some of our key customers, and are compiling some pretty compelling metrics and stories.

Q: Do you have any future plans for expansion, new features, services?

A: Absolutely! We’re going to be announcing some pretty exciting enhancements to our core product soon. We’re also working on mobile versions of the application. We’re also starting to tap into the UK/European market.

 For additional information, visit If you have specific questions regarding how it works, privacy concerns, cost, etc, visit their FAQs page. They also offer excellent links to Twitter profiles for general career and job search information, which can be found on their Career Advice page

 Commercial promoting TweetMyJOBS to job seekers

Recent CNN report on TweetMyJOBS and how much it's helped in helping people find jobs in this recession


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