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Interview with Toxic Holocaust - Joel Grind

What started out as one man’s (Joel Grinds) desire to create awesome thrash music from the northwest, over the years has turned into one of the underground metal scenes best kept secret. Toxic Holocaust recently put out their fifth studio album ‘Chemistry of Consciousness’ and with mentions and praise from the likes of Shawn Drover (Megadeth) as well as TV’s second favorite meth cook (Aaron Paul), Joel Grind and his band are living on high.

Toxic Holocaust in Oakland-slide0
Simmons Tobias Photography
Toxic Holocaust
Simmons Tobias Photography

We caught up with Joel during their show with Exhumed, Ramming Speed, and Mammoth Grinder at the Oakland Metro Opera House. We were able to touch on the differences between the new Toxic Holocaust record, and the ‘Yellow Goat Sessions’ (Joel Grind’s solo project), what Joel thinks of the music industry at the moment, and what his personal favorite albums are.

Toxic Holocaust are now out on a European tour with Exhumed and slated for an Australia trip with none other than Skeletonwitch in the Spring/Summer.