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Interview with Tom Halfacer of

Tom Wayne of
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I recently had the opportunity to have a chat with Tom Halfacer, the not as well known member of the Bonanzle Team, yet a very valuable asset. Also known by his Bonanzle user id of TomWayne1.

Tom is a busy man, and truly has a sense of humor that fits right in with the same permeating throughout Bonanzle.

What is your official Title and duties for Bonanzle?

     We're not too big on titles... Bill and Mark grabbed the really good titles. I mean, after Founder and Co-founder (and Chief Raconteur) , what's left? I'm responsible for monitoring safety issues on Bonanzle with regard to helping keep counterfeit (fake) merchandise off of Bonanzle, protection of intellectual property rights for 3rd parties, I help moderate forums, and I provide Customer Support to users, whether they are buyers or sellers. If you need help with something on Bonanzle, I do my best to provide the answers you need. Mark Dorsey's the main guy on that, and I just fill in for him or supplement his work when it gets really busy. I also write Bonanzle's BOP articles and help with the Bonanzle newsletter. And, of course, I do special projects that come my way.

Tell us a bit about your background?
   I have a chemistry and math degree from Michigan State University and have taught all kinds of sciences, math and technology at middle school, high school and college levels. I worked as a research and development chemist, and along the way, I picked up about 20 years of computer experience. I also spent six years as a high school principal. This combination has ultimately prepared me for my role at Bonanzle.

How long have you been with Bonanzle?
   I started selling on Bonanzle in December 2008, and joined the Bonanzle Team in March 2009 after pestering Mark with a few emails and proving my prowess in the forums while helping users with their technical questions.

How would you describe the experience so far?
   The most thrilling ride of my life and and it's faster every day.

So get out your crystal ball, What does the future hold for Bonanzle?
    Number of Bonanzlers: 120 million. Number of items for sale on Bonanzle: 40 million. The Bonanzle Experience?: Priceless.

What one quirky thing about yourself are you willing to share with our readers?
    When my daughter was younger, I had her convinced that I was an alien from the Planet UBU.

Tom is truly an interesting man with an amazing background, we may need to learn more about this Alien business in follow up interviews.


  • Memaws16 5 years ago

    Another entertaining and great article about Bonanzle. Thanks!

  • CindyBear 5 years ago

    Awww Tom, I had my son convinced that those strange messages on my post-it's were from aliens. lol
    He started to write messages for them too!! Of course he did not know how to write yet, but the aliens always knew what he was saying!

    Great article

  • BargainBasement 5 years ago

    Tom is a super addition to the Bonanzle Boyz! :)

  • Henrietta 5 years ago

    Neat. Cool. Awesome, and Groovy.