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Interview with Tim Carter gives insight into PTSD

Tim Carter sits by the Willamette River in his home town of Eugene Oregon
Tim Carter sits by the Willamette River in his home town of Eugene Oregon
Rick Bowmer AP

Never a Niche Live presents an interview with Vietnam veteran Tim Carter. Mr. Carter survived TET and his experiences in Vietnam.

Feeling fine upon his return to the states, Tim decided to help out at a vet center, only to find he had PTSD. Tim shares his experiences with the disorder and gives listeners an insight into what helps in getting the symptoms under control.

Tim's honest account describes the loss of a sister, 15-month-old son and a spouse, along with his bouts with an alcoholic father who tried to kill him twice. Along with these traumatic events, he went to war, leaving him depressed and uneasy. Once he explored his own life experiences, he soon found he had PTSD and needed to work through his disorder.

Tim's story is vital to those who are returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The Iraq and Afghanistan military members are returning with even worse cases of PTSD than those that were seen in the Vietnam war.

Approximately 7.7 million adults suffer with PTSD symptoms in any given year. Combat veterans are not the only people who suffer from PTSD symptoms. Post-traumatic stress disorder can affect anyone who has witnessed or be involved in an event that is traumatic. Women and men who are in domestic situations that are violent, those who survive an accident or survive any type of tragedy can suffer from PTSD. Rape victims or any sort of event that is life-threatening or compromises the physical or emotional well-being of a human being can suffer from PTSD.

We live in stressful, violent times. Many cases of PTSD surface without full understanding of what is causing the reactions. Learn what PTSD is and what you can do to ease the symptoms. Mr. Carter's definitions and experiences are shared through this interview and may be the answer to those seeking why they are agitated in certain situations or may have reoccurring nightmares or the inability to sleep well at night.

The Never a Niche Live interview with Tim Carter can be downloaded in MP3 format.

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