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Interview with 'The Martial Arts Kid' star Natasha Blasick

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Natasha Blasick

Currently there is huge buzz on the upcoming film ‘The Martial Arts Kid’ featuring martial arts legends Don “The Dragon” Wilson and Cynthia Rothrock, but obviously they can’t do it alone. One of their co-stars in the film is the beautiful Natasha Blasick who has been shaking up Hollywood appearing in Paranormal Activity 2, Days of Our Lives, and Dark Crossing just to name a few. I had the chance to sit down and discuss her upcoming role in The Martial Arts Kid why she decided to be a part of this sure to be impactful film.

Bobby: There is a lot of buzz going around on The Martial Arts Kid starring Don “The Dragon” Wilson and Cynthia Rothrock, how did you become a part of this project?

Natasha: I met James Wilson at the party and realized how much great energy they had. They are such great people and saw what a great team they were building and getting to work with these martial arts legends. It’s hard to find a project that is so inspirational and so motivational, but that what they have here and that is what I love about this movie. It’s a movie with a heart and I am thrilled to be a part of something like that, that will inspire multiple generations.

Bobby: I know you are playing TJ Storm’s girlfriend in the film, but do you yourself have any kind of martial arts background?

Natasha: Not much. I do kickboxing classes at the gym and stuff like that and is really my only training in the martial arts, but I really enjoy it. Besides that I watched ‘Rocky’ movies (laughs) over and over, I don’t know how many times. I love them because they have heart; you can win it all if you give it all you got. It makes you look in the mirror and go ‘YEAH!’

Bobby: You have a wide variety of stuff on your resume, but being around these iconic martial artists, especially with you being a female and around Cynthia Rothrock who has always been strong female character in film, that we do not get enough of, do you think that will inspire you to expand into more martial arts training?

Natasha: Oh yeah, I really admire Cynthia. I think every girl wants to be a strong woman who takes care of business. She is amazing and looks great and I am definitely inspired and that’s why as an actor it is a dream to get to work with her.

Bobby: I know it is still early in production, but do you know if you are going to get to be doing any martial arts in the film at all?

Natasha: I hope so, I don’t think a lot, but wish I could do more. I just believe in positive energy and I just did another movie with some martial arts and the training brought so much positive energy to my life. I don’t know if I get too do much, but I would love it.

Bobby: You may not know as much until you get on set and you mentioned that you have done a bit in other films, but do you think your nerve levels are going to go up knowing you are going to be on set with these iconic martial artists or does it make you more comfortable as an actor being around people that you know have that experience?

Natasha: I think I will be more comfortable because I know they are in to what they do and know what to do and will feel safe. That is why I am very excited because sometimes on set you do something and those around you don’t really know what they are doing and it’s kind of scary, but here I think I am with a great cast of experts and cannot wait to work. I am intimidated as well. I met Don and he does project this greatness about him, but he is just such a warm hearted person and you can just talk to him. I feel like it is a great cast and I will be safe and really looking forward to it.

Bobby: I know what you mean, Don is one of those guys that is a really great guy and you start talking to him like you have known each other for years. This film is a bit different for him and Cynthia in their careers where they are usually the pretty hardcore action and violence, but here they are gearing it towards the family friendly type of film that can be shown to everyone. These films are bit hard to market, but do you think bringing in these adult action stars into the family action genre will help to boost these types of films to get more made?

Natasha: I like this angle because we can release something more positive. I think it is a great step to show this kind of film to a new generation instead of just the violence. I saw the kid and he is just an amazing little man. I think it is a great step for them using their skill and I think I am even more excited that it is a family film with values instead of just straight action. I am a huge fan of ‘Jerry Maguire’ because I want something that will uplift me and make me feel good about myself. I watch a lot of family movies that uplift you and I am proud to be making this film for a younger generation.

Bobby: As an instructor myself I am looking forward to this film because of the message it is bringing but also the chance to introduce my students to these icons in the martial arts but through something that has more of a purpose than just killing.

Natasha: I know, I mean I am from the Ukraine and right now there is freakin craziness going on, I can’t even talk about it. (Her voice began to shake with emotional tears) I just want to be a part of something that is making the world better and not just violence because that is what is happening at home now and it’s scary.

Bobby: I think it is wonderful that someone like yourself who is clearly so passionate about this that you will bring something even more to the film than it already has.

Natasha: It is an amazing group of people and I think team work makes the dream work and I think that is exactly what we have with these amazing artists coming together and will create something greater than you can imagine.

Bobby: I know filming is getting ready to start and you do a lot of your own training, but do they have you doing any kind of training to get ready?

Natasha: They haven’t told me anything yet, but I am just going to be training and prepare myself because I want to be the best I can be. That’s what the movie is all about that we all strive to be the best we can be and one of the goals in my life is to live up to my potential and using this as inspiration as a chance to better myself. They haven’t told me to train or anything yet, but I will be doing it on my own, I want to be a bad ass. (laughs)

Bobby: That is something that a true martial artist always strives for, so I think they are going to be lucky to have you aboard.

Natasha: I am grateful to know the whole team I just think they are such beautiful people and I am really happy. Every time you start a movie you have so many questions in your mind, but I am ready, excited, open and ready to work. I always do my best, but here I feel like there is a purpose to it.

Bobby: I really appreciate you taking the time to do this and cannot wait to check it out.

Natasha: Thanks, I really appreciate it.

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