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Interview with talented actress/director Amanda Tapping part two

Amanda Tapping
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Continued from PART ONE

One of the most recognizable faces of Sci-fi, Amanda Tapping visited StarFest in Denver May 2-4, and lit up convention with her humor and beautiful smile. Originally born in England then raised in Canada, fans love this incredibly talented actress and director for her roles as Samantha Carter on ‘Stargate SG-1,’ ‘Stargate Atlantis,’ Dr Helen Magnus on ‘Sanctuary,’ and then, of course, the angel Naomi on ‘Supernatural.' Who has a passion for acting and directing, and loves her Imagine Dragons music and wine.

Q. Acting versus directing?

A. Acting versus directing? Can't decide. Acting? I used to think playing Sam Carter was so hard, because I had to learn all the techno-babble, and it was so much homework, and every night I'd go home and do an hour learning my lines. But as a director, you’re responsible for everything. It’s so much more work. So it’s nice to just be an actor. Yea, I can’t decide. ‘Sanctuary’ for me was the perfect storm. I got to act, I got to direct, and I got to produce. I did all three of them in a really safe environment with great support and great friends. For me, ‘Sanctuary’ was sort of an ultimate career.

Q. It was interesting seeing the hair color change. Was that your idea?

A. That was a conscious choice that Damian and I made after ‘Stargate: Atlantis.’ I had grown my hair out, but they invited me back for season five of Atlantis. At that point it ‘Sanctuary’ was maybe it’ll happen, maybe it won’t. But if I took Atlantis, ‘Sanctuary’ definitely wouldn’t have happened, so we took the leap of faith, as it were. Damian and I sat and said we should change the look completely. I didn’t want it to look like Sam Carter had suddenly gotten an English accent and moved on to another show. The transformation was really fun, except the first couple conventions I went to; people were like…a…you’re not blonde. I disappointed a few fans.

Q. If you played baseball, what would be your walk up song?

A. You know, it really depends on what I’m doing. When I was directing ‘Continuum’- Imagine Dragons – ‘Radioactive’ was the song that I would listen to picture the punches and the throws with people falling off the roof top. When I’m going to work some mornings and I need to be pumped up, I listen to ‘Jai Ho.’

Q. Do you tend to be a healthy eater? Any indulgences?

A. I eat pretty healthy. I don’t eat a lot of fried food, I don’t drink pop. If I had one indulgence, it would probably be wine, which is good for you. (laughing)

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