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Interview with talented actress/director Amanda Tapping part one

Amanda Tapping
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One of the most recognizable faces of Sci-Fi, Amanda Tapping visited StarFest in Denver May 2-4, and lit up convention with her humor and beautiful smile. Originally born in England then raised in Canada, fans love this incredibly talented actress and director for her roles as Samantha Carter on ‘Stargate SG-1,’ ‘Stargate Atlantis,’ Dr Helen Magnus on ‘Sanctuary,’ and then, of course, the angel Naomi on ‘Supernatural.'

Q. Fans loved to hate you on ‘Supernatural.’ What was it like on the set?

A. It was so fun. What a great group of people. It reminded me of the ‘Stargate’ set because they had been doing it for so long. Most of the crew had been there from the very beginning. A lot of them had been there throughout the whole eight seasons. There's just a real sense of family with a short hand conversations going on because they knew each other so well. Then of course, there are these gorgeous boys that....are distractingly handsome. They are really, really nice guys. Jensen and Jared, and Misha, and Mark Sheppard; it was just so fun. Every time I got the script I never knew--who is Naomi, is she good? Is she bad? She's an angel; she can't be that bad. And then I would do something horrible and Jensen would say the fans are gonna be mad at you. And then I redeem myself in the end. I never knew from script to the next what was going to happen next. They hired me for three episodes, and then just kept asking me back. So every time I'd get a script I’d say, they're probably going to kill me in this one. And then...Oh, they're not killing me. Right on. Then finally I got the script where I died it was like...oh, they did kill me. It was a lot of fun.

Q. A full decade of ‘Stargate.’ What was the ending like for you?

A. It was a sense of family. I honestly didn't feel like I was on a TV series for ten years. It's a whole decade of your life and it didn't feel that. The very last episode Michael, Christopher, and I sort of went back to our beginning. So at the very first episode, when we were shooting the pilot, the three of us walked around the sets and we found the ‘Stargate’ for the first time. We were like oh wow, this is huge; it was so beautiful and big. And so on the very last day when we shot the last scene, it was like two in the morning or something crazy, and all old crew members showed up. People came from the office and drove from home to come just to be there for that last moment. Rob Cooper directed it and he sent us through the gate for our last shot. He wanted that to be the last shot; the last scene of the series. Then Michael, Christopher, and I snuck away and we walked up the spiral stairs up in to the briefing room. We just stood arm in arm looking down at the Stargate and said wow. That happened. Tears were streaming down our faces and it was really emotional.

Q. Any projects do you have in the works that you share with your fans?

A. I’ve been directing a lot. My two episodes of ‘Continuum;’ I think episodes six and seven this season. I did an episode last year. I'm working on a sitcom I've been, acting. It's called ‘Package Deal.’ Yea, totally different for me, but fantastic, oh my gosh. And I have a couple of directing gigs coming up.


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