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Interview with SyFy’s ‘Being Human’s Sam Witwer

Interview with SyFy’s ‘Being Human’s Sam Witwer
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StarFest Convention hosted amazing celebrity guests including SyFy’s ‘Being Human,’ ‘Clone Wars,’ and 'Star Wars: The Force Unleashed’ hot actor Sam Witwer. Originally from Illinois, Witwer is not only a talented Juilliard-trained actor, he happens to also be an accomplished musician. Lucky for his fans he took time out of his busy schedule at the annual three day event that was held May 2-4 to share with his fans.

Q. what was it like playing the American version of ‘Being Human’ vampire, Aidan...Did you research it by watching the BBC version?

A. We stayed away from watching the BBC series while we were developing our characters. After we completed the first season and we knew who we were, then I bought everyone the box sets and we all watched them. I'm finishing their final season. There's always pressure when you're doing something that's been established in any way. The ‘Superman’ stuff or the ‘Star Wars’ stuff, or the remake of a beloved BBC series. The only thing you can do is bring everything you've got and hope for the best. The BBC fans were sharpening their claws and getting ready to hate on us big time, and they mercifully, when we were first airing, kind of left us alone, which was nice. Early on there were some rude fans who would fill you in on what they thought you were doing wrong based on their expectations; which I get because they're passionate about this stuff. But for the most part, everyone has been lovely. I'm happy to say that Toby Whithouse, the creator and writer of the BBC series, has let me know that we did it right, ultimately, so that's nice. That is the best praise because I love the show.

Q. What can you share about other projects do you have in the works?

A. I can't. That's the thing is that studios are the people that run the show, and they like to make those announcements. They don't it when the actors do. The other part of that is that they want us to do that because if I talked about every job that I got that could become something, I'd look very foolish if I said YEA, I’m doing this show…and then I’m not. There is stuff that I’ve got going on and I’m having a good time. I’ll tell you, it’s nice after ‘Being Human’ to see that things are a little bit easier, I guess. It’s nice going in to a casting office and they say wow, it’s nice to have you here. I really enjoyed you in this and that. As you’re starting out, you wouldn’t believe the amount of disrespect you get going in to a casting office. I’ve literally had this happen where you’re doing an audition—giving it all you’ve got and casting directors just look at the page and don’t even look at you. Once you start getting a few things on your resume that goes away. Now people are starting to treat me as though I’ve been here a while.

Q. Can I get a brief shout out to your fans who loved you in ‘Clone Wars’ and ‘The Force Unleashed?’

A. Was it a really fun project? It was really fun but tons of pressure. Like the BBC thing we talked out, it’s like the ‘Star Wars’ fans man, and I’m one of them; you don’t want to screw that up. You don’t want to do something they don’t like. ‘Force Unleashed’ when I got that role it just felt like a tremendous amount of pressure to create a ‘Star Wars’ protagonist. And then as Darth Maul, this beloved character, when I was called up and asked hey, I need Darth Maul, can you do that? And the wise answer was yea, sure I can. No problem. But thinking inside I don’t know if I can do that. The cool thing is the people at Lucas Film always set you up to succeed. We really mapped out the entire arc- we knew what we were doing before we did it.

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