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Interview with ‘Supernatural’ season nine finale guest actor Nicholas Coombe

Actor Nicholas Coombe
Denice Duff

Nicholas Coombe is a hot up and coming young actor who will be featured in tomorrow night’s ‘Supernatural’ season finale. When he is not acting, he can generally be found somewhere making music. ‘Doctor Who’ fans know him from his role as Jamie from the 50 minute film ‘Doctor Who: Resistance.’ Also known for his roles in ‘Infected Paradise,’ ‘Good Pretender, ’and ’ You Can't Play the Game If You Don't Know the Rules.'

Q. Congrats on your role in season nine's finale 'Do You Believe in Miracles?’ Being that it is the season finale, how was the mood on the set?

A. Thank you very much! The cast and crew were amazing! As soon as I arrived on set everyone was super helpful and happy! I signed in and was told I had a trailer to hang out in which I totally didn’t expect to have ha ha. You could really tell that everyone who was working on set loved their jobs and wanted to be there. Also I think everyone was excited as this was the last episode and the last five days of filming after ten months of hard work! I had a blast working with everyone!

Q. Gotta love it that your character name in the episode is "Pervy Teen Guy." Will ‘Supernatural’ fans love you or love to hate you?

A. Ha-ha I know right! I personally think it’s a great character name. Everyone on set was like “Oh hey you’re that teen pervy guy right?” which was rather funny and entertaining. I think ‘Supernatural’ fans will love my character for sure! He’s quite hilarious! Also they shot the scene in a really interesting way, so I look forward to seeing how it turns out.

Q. Being a “Whovian” myself, I just have to ask about ‘Doctor Who: Resistance.’ What can you tell your fans about the experience?

A. ‘Doctor Who: Resistance’ was great fun! I played the character “Jamie” who is the doctors companion and rather funny. To film one of the scenes we were out in the middle of no-where in an open field. Just as we were about to start filming the rain started pouring down on us! I think this was our third re-shoot due to bad conditions so we decided just to commit and finish the scene off. I was running around in a kilt all night in the rain, which was both awesome and hilarious! And yes Jamie is Scottish, which I thought was great. Scottish accent has to be one of my favorite accents to do! If anyone ever asks me to do a random accent I’ll whip out the good old Scottish accent. No matter what you say it sounds epic ha-ha.

Q. Tell your fans about your projects in the works.

A. Unfortunately I can’t say anything about ‘Paper Planes’ as it hasn’t been released yet! ‘You Can’t Play the Game’ was great fun to work on. I worked alongside Zoe Ventoura who is a great Australian actress! I can’t share much about this film either though as it also hasn’t been released yet!

Q. I read that you have many talents including being a musician. Is this just a part-time passion or can you fans look forward to any future projects?

A. I love music! If I am not acting then you will generally find me somewhere making music. I love everything and anything that makes noise! I play guitar, piano and Ukulele as well as sing. I love writing music and songs so my plan is to record some in the future for sure! I am also part of a children’s entertainment group called “Thumbs Up 4 Kids” in which I wrote and recorded most of the songs with my younger sister and cousin. You can find the songs on this link here.

You can hear me singing in the song ‘Dinosaur Beat.’

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